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Ethics, Information Technology Regulation & International Culture

This course gives an insight to the students about the thoughts and reflections of social morality in the livers of business activity. The subject of this course include: the role of ethics in business, understanding the basics of the theory of ethics, the principles of business ethics, the concept of ethics in the functions of […]


This course provides an understanding and skills to students interms of the concepts of budgeting as a planning tool as well as supervision within enterprise organizations. This course discusses the ways in which corporate budgeting thorough, simple, realistic, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as learn show to supervise the implementation/realization of the budget. The […]

Bank and Other Financial Institution

This course was given in order to provide insight, understanding and skills of the Banks and Financial Institutions (BLK), as well as an understanding of the urgency for the company. The subject of this course include the notion of Banks and Financial Institutions; applicable provisions of the Bank’s and Financial Institutions; as well as aspects […]

Commerce law

This course was given in order to provide insight and understanding and skills aspects rules, norms and positive law applicable in the field of trade, the logic of the formation, and its enforcement in the field of trade practices. The subject of this course includes an understanding of the rules, norms and positive law relating […]

Export Import Business

This course was given in order to provide insight and understanding as well as skills of the organization of international trade through export and import activities. Subjects in this course is the study of international trade transactions, including an understanding of international trade documents, which generally include: export and import procedures, contract sales, international payment […]

Financial Management

This course is an introduction towards business financial functions, including: funding policy, investment policy and dividend policy. The main objective of this course is to provide a frame work of thinking, concepts, and tools for analyzing policy and financial decisions based on the basic principles of modern financial theory. The subject of this material include: […]

Human Resource Management

This course provides an understanding of the management functions of the Human Resources (HR) in business organizations. Highlights of the course include human resource planning, recruitment and selection, placement, compensation, development, and dismissal. With this material, students are expected to analyze the problems of human resources in order to create a climate of good work […]

Operations Management

This course discusses aspects of the operational management of the company, both for manufacturing and service companies. This courseis centered on fundamental issues about the operational aspects faced by a leader of the company, starting from receiving input(input) in the form of raw material, then transforming/processing (process) efficiently and effectively into the product(product), which meets […]

Taxation 2

This course is designed to equip students with knowledge in the field of taxation as one of the government’s policy (Government policies) that need to be known and understood by all citizens, especially those related to business management, both in his capacity as an individual and corporate managers. The subject matter of this course is […]

Mandarin Language 2

A Business Administration graduate who will be engaged in the business world, will be required to have the ability to communicate in a variety of languages ​​are commonly applied in the business world, both domestic scale, nationally, let alone internationally. such language is mandarin. The subject matter of this course, include the following: knowledge of […]