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School of Economic and Business (FEB) is one of seven faculties under University of Telkom. Currently FEB has 3 courses, S1 Business Management Telecommunications and Information Technology (accredited “A”), S1 Accounting (accreditation “B”), and S2 Master of Management (accredited “A”). Especially for S1 Management also open international class introductory language is English.

Glance describe the historical development of this school, FEB journey began in 1990 with the name of the MBA-Bandung, which is the organizer of the Master’s program in Business Administration first in West Java, predating similar programs which are then organized by the universities in Bandung. At the beginning of its establishment, the MBA-Bandung adopt intact, schooling system of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Philipines, which at that time was known as the Harvard Business School Asia.

The second phase: MBA Bandung in 1994 changed its name to the College of Management Bandung (STMB), and change its MBA program into the program Master of Management (MM) for adjusting government regulations. In addition, STMB also increasingly diversifying its variants MM program, became the program Regular MM, MM Executive, and MM Cooperative Development (Cordev). On the occasion of the first accreditations held by the government, MM STMB accredited program A (Excellent).

Third Phase: As the demands of government regulations that high school is not only organizes the graduate program, coupled with the desire of the Board of Directors PT.Telkom (at that time occupied by AA Nasution) so STMB more actively in the world of higher education, in 1997 STMB memyelenggarakan program stratum-1 (S-1 / graduate). Courses that opened in STMB at the time was the S-1 TelekomunikasidanInformatika Business Management (MBTI). Public interest in these courses is increasing, along with the absorptive capacity of the industry to the alumni STMB high enough. On the occasion of accreditation by the government in 2002, the S-1 MBTI STMB accreditation A. And even this achievement can be maintained in 2007 (A), and in 2013 (A).

Fourth phase: To provide a stronger identity in the telecommunications business management disciplines, in 2004 STMB renamed the College of Business Management, Telkom (Telkom STMB). This name change was followed by an increase in the capacity of the new admissions program S-1 MBTI, in order to meet market demand. In addition, the graduate program also adds a variant program with the MM program Business Telecommunications (MM Biztel).

Phase Five: STMB Telkom transformed into Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) in 2008, and increase the choice of courses that S-1 Communications, S-1 Visual Communication Design, Accounting S-1, S-1 Business Administration, D- 3 Marketing. This transformation is followed by the development of campus facilities, which was originally located in the complex only Telkom Learning Center Road Gegerkalong Downstream, now expanded with two new campuses, namely: Campus Jalan Setiabudi, and Campus Dayeuh Conservative.

The sixth phase: In 2013 the University of Telkom formed on the basis of the merger of four institutions under the Education Foundation Telkom / Telkom Foundation (Institut Teknologi Telkom, Telkom Institute of Management, Polytechnic Telkom, and STISI Telkom), and formed the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) as it is today .

By being under the auspices of the Telkom Foundation and PT. Telecommunications Indonesia, Tbk. (PT. Telkom), FEB offers excellent courses with all the typical late curriculum that can address the needs of various industries, in particular the creative industries, telecommunications and media, according to a new vision FEB namely:

“In the coming decade, we are institutions of higher education that is recognized internationally in the fields of management, accounting, and economics that serve the needs of the creative industries, telecommunications, and media with a focus on the knowledge and application of information and communication technology (ICT)”

FEB set quality standards in the business process is executed. Addition of BAN-PT accreditation standards, ISO 9001: 2008 has been established since August 2012. Currently in the process of preparation leading FEB international standardization ABEST21. FEB is also supported by a teaching staff with qualifications S2 and S3 graduates at home and abroad. FEB has long formed a partnership with industry, associations, and similar educational institutions both at home and abroad. Cooperation with industry and associations such as PT. Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, Indonesian Telematics Society (MASTEL), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Indonesia Chapter, NexMU Malaysian, Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), etc.

Cooperation with educational institutions including Solbridge International School of Business (South Korea), Multi Media University (MMU) of Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Twente University, Naresuan University (Thailand), etc. Achievements FEB (institution) of which BEST School of Management in 2012 and 2013, TeSCA Telkom Smart Campus Award (TeSCA) Telkom university level. Last Student Achievement include: FEB student choir won three awards at the 27th International Choir Competition event and festival Prague in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 2013, and 3rd Place Business Plan Competition in Indonesia Student Entrepreneurship Awards 2014 (ISEA 2014). Last Lecturer achievement include: Best Paper at the International Conference on Global Trends in Academic Research 2014, Best Proposal in the 3rd MRC’s Bachelor Journey “International Market Integration” in 2014.

In 2014 FEB establish a work program with the name FEB – Acceleration for World Class Standards Achievement (FEB-AWCSA) 2014-2017 which focuses on accelerating programs world-class standards and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage by becoming a world reference source for economics, management, and accounting in particular with regard to telecommunications and convergence.


  • Develop school, staff, and students are recognized internationally who have the analytical ability to be leaders, managers, and researchers in the fields of management, accounting, and economics based on the science and application of information and communication technology
  • Develop, utilize, and deploy leading-edge science based on the study and research in the fields of management, accounting and economy based on knowledge and application of information and communication technology
  • Develop a convenient place for the meeting of practitioners and academics openly to collaborate in innovation for the development of management science, accounting, and economics based on the knowledge and application of information and communication technology


  • Produce graduates in the fields of management, accounting, and quality economic and global perspective in accordance with the needs of the telecommunications industry, the media, and creative
  • Forefront of scientific knowledge in the fields of management, accounting, and economics for the needs of the telecommunications industry, the media, and creative
  • Being a reference for management sciences, accounting, and economics, especially in the telecommunications industry, the media, and creative for both academic and national and international
  • Being an established business schools in Asia with the support of the telecommunications industry, the media, and creative in Indonesia, Asia, and the world

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