Visual Communication Design


Course Code 90241
Course Name Visual Communication Design
Department Head Dr. Roro Retno Wulan, M.Pd.
Department Secretary
Address Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code 40257
City Kab. Bandung
Telephone Number +6222 8888 4024
Facsimile Number +6222 8888 4028
Title given Bachelor of Design (S.Ds)
Brief Description Visual Communication Design (DKV) is the science that bridges the communication of meaning through a visual medium. The academic disciplines are applied among others through practical and theoretical learning, which can bring an understanding of a design directly from the student’s experience. This program study does not only prepare students to earn a degree in the field of design, but also to promote innovative thinking to encourage creative initiatives towards the implementation of design in everyday life. TCIS DKV until now is the only bachelor’s degree program that is different from DKV in general. DKV TCIS mix two kinds of knowledge in one major  in order to produce graduates who have the competence, capability, and superior skills. In addition to the science of design, TCIS DKV students also learn about management science. Collaboration of the two disciplines makes graduates of TCIS DKV has superior capabilities compared with DKV students in general.
Vision Becoming a flagship study program in the field of Visual Communication Design  based on ICT & local wisdom.
  1. Organizing three responsibilities of education in the field of design to produce graduates with Creativepreneur  spirit who master ICT and has Local Wisdom insight to take part in Creative Industries;
  2. Strengthening research in the field of Design in collaboration with industry, academia, communities, and governments to produce strategies that have  positive impact on the growth of the creative industries;
  3. Implementing Community Service activities through design strategies that support improvement of quality of life and community empowerment.
Course Competence
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Management Design
 Learning Outcomes
  1.  Able to think creatively and critically in the process of designing and solving problems using the Visual Communication Design management science tools.
  2. Able to create business innovation or new business models in the field of visual communication design
  3. Able to create a draft of Visual Communication Design in time-based media and print media
  4. Able to use interactive media applications to the design and development of digital media products.
  5. Capable of displaying integrity in the profession, supported by attitude, professional conduct, and ethics.
  6. Able to develop bachelor level research in the field of Visual Communication Design and can continue their education to a higher level.
  7. Able to demonstrate managerial capabilities related to Visual Communication Design

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I Semester 1 1 UWI1A2 English 2
2 UWI1C2 Technology Literacy 2
3 UIA1A2 Islam Education and Ethics 2
UIA1B2 Christian Education and Ethics
UIA1C2 Catholic Education and Ethics
UIA1D2 Hindu Education and Ethics
UIA1E2 Buddha Education and Ethics
UIA1F2 Khong Hu Cu Education and Ethics
4 UWI1E1 HEI 1
5 DCI1A3 Basic Drawing 3
6 DCI1B3 Basic Design 1 3
7 DCI1C3 Introduction to the Study of Fine Arts, Designs, Crafts and Creative Industries 3
8 DVI1A3 Constructive Drawing 3
Total Credits 19
Semester 2 1 UKI1C2 Indonesian Language 2
2 UWI1B2 Data Literacy 2
3 DCI1D2 Indonesian Culture 2
4 DVI1B3 Advanced Drawing 3
5 DVI1C3 Basic Typography 3
6 DVI1D3 Basic Photography 3
7 DVI1E3 Basic Design 2 3
8 DVI1F2 Communication and Media Literacy 2
Total Credits 20
II Semester 3 1 UWI3A2 Enterpreneurship 2
2 DUI2A4 Visual Communication Design 1 (Visual Literacy) 4
3 DVI2B3 Computer Graphics 3
4 DVI2C3 Basic Illustration 3
5 DVI2D3 Graphics Technology 3
6 DVI2E3 Aesthetics and History of Visual Communication 3
7 DGI4I3 Introduction To Branding 2
Total Credits 20
Semester 4 1 DUI2F4 Visual Communication Design 2 (Corporate Identity) 4
2 DVI2H3 Multimedia Computer 3
3 DVI2I3 Design Thinking & Design Methodology 3
4 DGI3O3 Enviromental Graphic Design 3
5 MUI2F3 Basic Animation 3
6 DDI3N3 Visual Concept 3
Total Credits 19
III Semester 5 1 DUI3A4 Visual Communication Design  3 (Commercial Interactive Media) 4
2 DVI3A2 Semiotics and Visual Language 2
3 DEI2M2 Visual Story Telling 3
4 DAI3F2 Advertising and Basic Media 2
5 DGI3P3 Videography 3
6 DAI4E3 Creative Writing 3
7 DGI3D3 Basic Packaging Design 3
Total Credits 20
Semester 6 1 DUI3B4 Visual Communication Design 4 (Promotion) 4
2 DVI3K2 English for Arts and Design 2
3 DVI3J2 Research Methodology 2
4 DDI3M3 Audio Design 3
5 DEI3M3 Portfolio & Presentation Strategy 3
6 DAI3N3 New Media 3
7 DDI3I2 Visual Antropology 2
Total Credits 19
IV Semester 7 1 UKI4A2 Civics 2
2 DVI4B2 Internship 2
3 DUI4A5 Visual Communication Design 5 (Pre-Final Project) 5
4 DVI4A3 Seminar 3
5 DDI3R2 Cultural Studies 2
6 DVI4A3 Graphic Innovation 3
7 DUI4B2 International Graphic Design Review 2
Total Credits 19
Semester 8 1 UKI4B2 Pancasila 2
2 DCI4E6 Final Project 6
3 DVI4J2 Intellectual Property Rights 2
Total Credits 10

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