Poster Creative Industry

School of Creative Industry is the transformation of the High School of Art and Design or STISI Telkom Telkom Indonesia as one of the pioneer universities specialized in the field of Arts and Design, the most comprehensive study program. Telkom STISI focused graduates to become experts in the field of Art and Design are skilled, knowledgeable, and maximize the potential of entrepreneurship, in response to the demands of society and the needs of Indonesia and the World Creative indrustry currently very rapidly.

During the 21 years of existence, more than 1,200 alumni of the program study Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Textile and Fashion Craft, who holds S.Ds. (Bachelor of Design), as well as the Fine Arts (Painting and Sculpture) who holds S.Sn. (Bachelor of Arts), has also contributed significantly to the development of Creative indrustri Indonesia, through a wide portfolio of artwork and designs that are used in various industrial and construction sectors.

Telkom STISI program is specifically designed to produce graduates who are not only able to work in the Creative Industries, but also has the potential of entrepreneurship / work independently and create more jobs in the field of Creative Industries, in accordance with the tagline STISI Telkom “Empowering You to Become Creativepreneur”. Student / i STISI Telkom educated to have Powerful Skill in the field of Arts and Design (both manual and computerized), with an emphasis on natural and cultural excavation kekeyaan Indonesia.

Equipped with insight expansion and enrichment of the concept (Knowledge) in the field of supporting science and other social sciences, including management, entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights (IPR), and Attitude to become professional designers and creative people a future candidate. All these faculties gradually sharpened and actualized through the CBC programs (Creative Business Coaching), where prospective graduates realize the creative business plan and portfolio of artwork / design her under the guidance of professors and creative industry practitioners. CBC programs receive support and funding assistance from industry STISI Telkom’s partners, the Ministry and institutions both national and local government, Telkom Education Foundation, the Institute of Finance and Banking.

The end result of this program is expected that future graduates have the ability to become a Creative Young Entrepreneur field (Youth Creativepreneur) independent and competitive. At the end of the study period the student / i required to attend the Annual STISI Telkom Portfolio Exhibition, Festival & Competition, and Fashion Show.

Being superior Universities and Creativepreneur development center in the field of ICT-based Creative Industries and Culture Collection


  • Education Organizing Creativeperneurship to produce graduates and high quality services
  • Carry out research Creativeperneurship to produce works that have an impact on national economic growth creative
  • Conducting Dedication to the community through Creativeperneurship implementations that support improved quality of life and community empowerment

The Purpose
Improving quality (Excellence) education and teaching creative and innovative fit the needs of industry and realize – Creativepreneurship. Strengthening the quality of education and teaching be improved through program development and strengthening of research
Integration and transformation (Transformation) institutional opportunities availability of resources and facilities (resource sharing) with other agencies within the auspices of the Education Foundation Telkom and Telkom Group to produce innovations that have an impact on the growth of the creative economy Creativepreneurship national
Telkom Group Synergy (Synergy) in producing works of research and product innovation Creativeperneurship field through cooperation in various fields

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