New Students ArrivalNew Students Arrival at Telkom University.

The announcement of the accepted students will be sent by email as well as notified in the online application. The accepted students will get Letter of Acceptance (LoA) informing Telkom University Admission Details including: a) student admission information, b) Acceptance Detail, c) Payment Information, and d) Payment Channel. In addition, there will be scholarship information in the LoA for student who is accepted in the scholarship program.

After being declared as a new student of Telkom University, new student will be guided to process Visa Application. International Office will apply for Study Permit to the Directorate General of Higher Education and apply for approval of visa application to the Immigration Office.

Once the visa application is approved, there will be a Letter of Visa Approval that will be sent to the new student to be next used for applying TELEX Visa to Indonesian Embassy in his/her home country. The process to get the visa is around 1-2 months, depending on the Indonesian Embassy in new student’s home country. Therefore, the new student has to make sure to achieve it right on time before the due date of arrival at Telkom University.

Having had the TELEX Visa, new student need to purchase flight ticket and send it to the International Office so that we can set the pick-up arrangement. Please note that Telkom University only provides pick up arrangement in Bandung, like Bandung Airport or Bandung Bus Station, or Bandung Train Station. Students who landed outside Bandung, must travel to Bandung by themselves.

The pick up arrangement will be helped by International Office Student Buddy. New international students will be escorted to Telkom University and will be helped in check-in to the international dormitory or other accommodation mode set previously by new students and International Office.

Once new students arrived at Telkom University, International Office and Buddy will help them fill out some documents, pay the health insurance, and have a medical check-up. Next, new student will be assisted to convert the visa into ITAS (Limited Stay Permit).

Before starting their study, International Office will help them activate I-Gracias account and arrange course registration. They will be informed all about their course plan during one semester.

Last but not least, all international students will be invited to the welcoming ceremony where they can be officially welcomed and informed all about Telkom University. All those processes are conducted to make sure that all international students are in good condition in term of health, immigration and education from very beginning until returning to their country.

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