Course Code56402
Course NameComputer Engineering
Department HeadHenry Rossi Andrian,S.T.,M.T.
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code40262
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+6222 5224137
Facsimile Number+6222 5224138
Email Address[email protected]
Title givenA.Md.
Brief DescriptionD3 Computer Engineering Program aims to produce graduation who are ready to work. Students will be trained to do the work in the sphere of computer engineering. The graduation competence of D3 Computer Engineering Program is having the technical ability and strong character. With the existing competence of Computer Engineering Program, graduation will be able to make a useful contribution to the world corresponding decree .Accreditated by BAN-PT No. 019 / BAN-PT / Ak-X / above sea-III / X / 2010
VisionBeing a course that excel in the field of computer networks, network programming and embedded systems within the scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and able to compete in Southeast Asia.
  1. Producing creative, independent, high-power struggle, and noble skilled professionals.
  2. Promoting a culture of research and development in the field of computer engineering.
  3. Carrying out profession service to promote the welfare of society.
  4. Aligning selves with stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.
Course Competence
  1. Management and implementation of computer networks.
  2. Developing computer systems that are tailored to the needs of users.
  3. Software manipulation’s engineering-based on cloud computing.
  4. Software manipulation’s engineering-oriented in computer network.
  5. Development of embedded systems.
  6. Development of the computer control system.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Specialisation in Embedded System
    1. Able to manipulate the embedded system applications,
    2. Able to build a computer control system,
    3. Able to manipulate program based on Programmable Logic Controller.
  2. Specialisation in Network Engineering
    1. Able to manage and implement computer networks,
    2. Able to build computer systems that are tailored to the needs of society and the world of work.
  3. Specialisation in Network Programming
    1. Able to manipulate the program based on cloud computing (cloud computing),
    2. Able to manipulate the program which is oriented in computer networ.

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