Study Bahasa

Study Bahasa Indonesia for Business is gladly introduced by Telkom University. It is a great opportunity to learn Bahasa Indonesia first hand and interact with the locals. In addition, outdoor activities to get a better understanding of Indonesian culture will be another magnificent experience not to be missed out.

AKU BISA (Ajari Aku Bahasa Indonesia, Sosial dan Budaya) is designed based on the needs of foreign speakers who require using bahasa Indonesia in various business opportunities. To communicate effectively in bahasa Indonesia especially in the business sectors, we will provide vocabularies and illustrations based on the proper social settings.

Program Outline

Students will learn about:

  1. Bahasa Indonesia for Business
  2. Practice Bahasa Indonesia with the natives
  3. Indonesian Culture Erudition
  4. Home Industry Visit
  5. Introduction to Batik

Fee: USD 650*

*Exclude: Accommodation, meals, visa, and flight tickets

Duration: 1 month

Period: July or welcome request date for 5-10 participants