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School of Applied Science comes with a mission to contribute to the Indonesian nation and the world community to produce graduates who have an international outlook and have the ability to compete globally. It is stated in the credo Giving and Caring the World. TYPICAL Development System (Knowledge, Hardskill, Attitude and Softkill) are aspects which will continuously be developed as a preparation to enter the industry. Applied learning system using System Comence approach, namely: Coaching, Mentoring, and Coaching. This method is an appropriate means for vocational education that promotes increased competence in the field of ICT.

As a new vocational colleges, the presence of Telkom Polytechnic directly bring an atmosphere of academic competition is increasing. Evidently, in 2011 won the National Student Achievement level as the third winner, and the following year in 2012 won the first winner of Student Achievement National level. Not only that, in English, Telkom Polytechnic team in 2013 won second place for the National Polytechnic English Olympic competition at the polytechnic level in Indonesia, and in 2012 won the Third Place National University Debating Competition for the competition at the college level generally as Indonesia.

Polytechnic Telkom also fairly close cooperation with industry. At the end of 2012 Telkom Polytechnic renew the concept of Industrial Work activity, the students will be involved professionally in the industry and got the same treatment as well as regular employees. That is, students who complete the program will receive remuneration Industrial Work and other rights as an employee. Until the year 2013 was more than 500 students are absorbed by the industry in the Industrial Work program involving more than 20 companies in the telecommunications industry, banking, information systems, media, consumer goods, and one representative of the International Labour Organization institutions.

Lecture facilities used is the result of technological development carried out by a team of internal Telkom Polytechnic consisting of the work of faculty and students involved. Academic system that was built was able to capture the attention of one of the best public university in Bandung and also some other universities outside Java because it is known to have had a system of integrated academic and reliable.

Currently the Faculty of Applied Science has six Studies Program, one of which comes from Telkom Institute of Management, two of Telkom Institute of Technology and three of the Polytechnic Telkom. Sixth Studies Program at level 3 Diploma is Computerized Accounting, Information Management, Marketing Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering

Being featured Vocational Education Faculty in Management and Information & Communication Technology in Southeast Asia


  • Implement Tridharma are responsive to changes in the environment by promoting national values
  • Continues to make the transition to grow independently, sustainable, and have good governance (Vocational Good Governance)
  • Innovation and development to enhance the added value of institutions and stakeholders

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