English Language Program at Telkom University is designed in fun and interactive learning and practicing the language as well as get immerse in the socio culture excursion will give the additional value of the program.


This course is  designed  for those who wants to enhance their pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills. It will also familiarized students with English idioms and common expression. The Language programs are suitable for those who would like to improve their language level, particularly English.


Program Outline

Students will learn about:

  1. English
  2. Practice English in fun activities
  3. Indonesian Culture
  4. Home Industry Visit
  5. Socio Culture Excursion


Duration Program Fee
6 weeks USD 500*
3 months USD 600*
6 months USD 750*

*Exclude: Accommodation, meals, visa, and flight tickets

Period: June or welcome request date for 5-10 participants