product design

Course Code90231
Course NameProduct Design
Department HeadSri Martini, Ir., M.T.
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No.1 Trs. Buahbatu – Dayeuhkolot
Post Code40257
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+6281321542629
Facsimile Number
Email Address[email protected]
Title givenBachelor of Design (S.Ds)
Brief DescriptionProduct Design study Program – School of Creative Industry – produces graduates who are professionals in creative industries through a mastery of theory, technology, and creative intelligence, so as to design a good product and has a sale value, and can contribute to improving the quality of human life.
VisionBecoming Design Product Study Program that is superior through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and National Culture in generating competitive creativepreneur on the development of creative industries
  1. Developing  three responsibilities of education that is superior in facing the future development of Creative Industries
  2. Developing Creativepreneurship that applies design innovations by leveraging ICT and National Culture
  3. Developing product design science related to development of ICT and Culture Collection inventory
Course Competence
  • Has analytical skills in solving problems of product design through  product design approach.
  • Has the ability to apply knowledge of product design to produce concepts and innovative work in the field of product design.
Learning OutcomesStudents:

  • Able to make product and visualization design which refers to the Methodology of Product Design, from manufacturing industry activities that produce consumer products.
  • Able to create business opportunities, conduct research and development, production, and customer penetration, for his own business needs.
  • Able to produce and develop consumer products that require Product Design knowledge, with reference to the principles of Design Management.

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