Electrical Energy Engineering.

electrical energy engineering

Electrical Energy Engineering is new undergraduate study program available at Telkom University under School of Electrical Engineering. We officially welcome new students to join Electrical Energy Engineering for academic year 2022-2023.

Course Name                     : Bachelor (S1) of Electrical Energy Engineering

Head of Department      :

Address                                : Jl. Telekomunikasi, Terusan Buah Batu

Post Code                            : 40257

City                                        : Bandung

Telephone Number        : +62 813-2112-3400

Facsimile Number            :

Email Address                   : [email protected].telkomuniversity.ac.id

Website                               : https://beee.telkomuniversity.ac.id/

Electrical Energy Engineering Vision and Mission

VisionBecome an international standard Electrical Energy Engineering Study Program that plays an active role in the development of education, research and technopreneurship in the field of information technology-based Electrical Energy Engineering.
Mission1.       Implementing an international standard education system in the field of Information Technology-based Electrical Energy Engineering.

2.       Implementing, disseminating, and utilizing international standard research results in the field of Electrical Energy Engineering

3.       Implementing an entrepreneurship program that applies Electrical Energy Engineering field among the academic community to support national economic development.

4.       Developing networks with leading universities and industries in both national and international scale in terms of cooperation in education, research, and entrepreneurship.

5.       Developing excellent resources in education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Graduates ProfileThe following are graduates profile of Bachelor of Electrical Energy Engineering:

1.       Expert in the field of electrical energy engineering

2.       Expert in the field of new and renewable energy.

3.       Technopreneur in the field of new and renewable energy

4.       Consultants, planners, and designers in the fields of electrical systems, smart grids, and new and renewable energy systems.

5.       Contractors in the electricity sector

6.       Electrical energy system auditor

7.       Researcher in the field of electrical energy



The curriculum of the Electrical Energy Engineering Study Program had been designed through discussions with experts and industry practitioners hoping giving best learning system to create excellent graduates. The curriculum of Bachelor of Electrical Energy Engineering contains learning materials based on electrical power systems, which focus on the business of providing energy, energy management, generating engineering, business sustainability of energy supply, renewable energy engineering, renewable energy economy, and the impact of energy supply on the environment.



Applicants who are interested in studying at Bachelor of Electrical Energy Engineering must prepare the following required documents:

  1. Scan of High School Certificate & Transcript
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. Scan of Passport
  4. Passport Formal Photo (Red-Background)
  5. Statement of Compliance to the Rules

Further information on Registration Process kindly go to: https://io.telkomuniversity.ac.id/registration/

Once you are ready, click here to apply!(IO)***