International Office is committed to support Telkom University to be acknowledged as World Class University



  1. Supporting activities on education, research and community services to be brought to international community
  2. Developing international network and collaboration between Telkom University and other foreign institutions
  3. Providing excellent international student services


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Promote Telkom University to international community through directly involve in exhibitions, and seminars/workshops and through indirectly updated website, guide book and brochures.
  2. Initiate international collaboration of students, administrative staffs  and lecturers between Telkom University and other foreign institutions in the forms of academic exchange, double degree, training, course, and research programs to improve international research publications and other scientific works
  3. Conduct international student guidance and counseling,  especially on multicultural, immigration, and accommodation issues
  4. Monitor and evaluate implementation of MoU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) and MoA’s (Memorandum of Agreement) between Telkom University and other foreign institutions
  5. Provide useful updated information for international students to ensure that they have sufficient and accurate information during their study at Telkom University.


International Students:

International Students studying at Telkom University come from various countries such as Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, South-Africa, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Timor Leste, South Korea, Malaysia etc.



International Office organizes activities for International Students to experience Indonesian cultures and local traditional environment among others outbound and team building, Indonesian Food Cooking, traditional music and dance performance, etc.

They also organizes activities for Local Students to have global experiences  such as Educative Trip (Edutrip) to foreign countries, international certification training, Information sharing on scholarship at universities abroad, etc.