Outbound Mobility Program

What is it?

Outbound Mobility Program is Telkom University’s internationalization program to facilitate TelUtizen including students, lecturers, and staff to go abroad to gain international insight in term of knowledge and experiences. This program enables TelUtizen experience international learning atmosphere in one of partner universities as well as non partner universities all around the world.

Who can join?

The Outbound Mobility Program calls all eligible* TelUtizen, including:

  1. Students
  2. Lecturers
  3. Staff

*Each program of Outbound Mobility Program may set different qualifications for the applicants who are interested to join the program.

What are the types of Outbound Mobility Program offered?

Telkom University offers several types of the Outbound Mobility Program. They are:

  1. Student Exchange (Fall & Spring)
  2. Summer School
  3. Winter School
  4. Edutrip

Most of the programs offer TelUtizen, for certain length of program, to learn certain subject, research current issues, collaborate and innovate projects, etc. Those activities are designed effectively and interestingly in form of classroom based and outdoor based activity. Besides, they will also taste and experience cultural excursion. In other word, all participants will surely gain meaningful and memorable activities during their involvement in the program.

To which countries can undergo the Outbound Mobility Program? Telkom University has collaborated with various universities (partner universities) all around the world to provide several types of the Outbound Mobility Program. TelUtizen may undergo the Outbound Mobility Program in universities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, India, Japan, The Netherland, France, Spain, and so on and so forth. All participants will get an opportunity to meet excellent people from various countries as they will also exchange knowledge and experience during the program. It will absolutely broaden their mind to the global horizon.

Outbound Mobility Program will be organized by International Office (IO) and International Class Academic Office (ICAO). All future applicants can come to IO or ICAO for more information about outbound mobility program.