winter school program

What is it?

Winter School Program is one of the Outbound Mobility Program offered by Telkom University to Telkom University students to study in one of partner universities in various countries. Similar to Summer School Program, Winter School Program is also a short course program which takes 1-2 weeks, held on December-February.  The students will have an opportunity to learn in the international setting as well as immerse to the local culture of the country.

When can the students join Winter School Program?

The period of the program for each university is different from one to another. Usually it will be conducted at the end of the odd semester which is December, or January.

Who can apply?

Winter School program is designed for Telkom University students who have the following qualifications:

  1. Having a passport
  2. Currently at least in the 3rd semester
  3. Good academic record with CGPA ≥ 2.75
  4. Good command of both written and spoken English proven by ITP TOEFL or EPrT certificate with score ≥ 475
  5. For student majoring in MBTI/ICT Business, they must successfully completed the first-year courses with no E grade, GPA ≥3.00, and ITP TOEFL or EPrT ≥500

Besides those qualifications, partner universities might set certain requirements regarding the eligibility of the applicants.

To which universities/countries can join the Winter School Program?

As the implementation of the MoU/MoA between Telkom University and partner universities, Telkom University students may join the following program:

  1. Hanyang Winter School Program

How can apply the Winter School Program?

  1. The applicant reads detailed information of the program.
  2. The applicant fills out winter school online application form.

To complete the form, the applicant must login with Telkom University email account or Gmail account.

  • At the end of the form, the applicant must upload the scanned copy of the following documents.
  • Passport (name the file: your full name_passport)
  • ITP TOEFL/EPrT certificate (name the file: your full name_toefl/eprt)
  • Academic transcript (name the file: your full name_transcript)
  • Financial support letter (name the file: your full name_financial support letter)


  1. The template of financial support letter can be downloaded at:
  2. Please prepare the scanned copy of those documents in PDF and the maximum size of each document is 1 MB.

Is it free?

Well, to join the Winter School Program, the students still need to prepare amount of money to cover:

  1. Tuition Fee*
  2. Visa application fee
  3. Living expanses
  4. Study expanses
  5. Flight ticket
  6. Accommodation expanses

*Each program may have different estimate fees to implement the winter school program. In addition, there’s also scholarship program applied. It depends on the program offered, that’s why the applicants must carefully read detailed information of each program offered.

What are the benefits to join Winter School Program?

This program will surely bring many benefits for the students, including:

  1. Certificate
  2. International learning experience
  3. Cultural excursion