edutrip program

What is it?

Edutrip Program is one of the Outbound Mobility Program offered by Telkom University to Telkom University students in international class to visit some of partner universities, industries and cultural heritages. In this program, students have a chance to attend class in the university partner and get credit from the program. The program usually last for 3 days-2 weeks. In addition, the students will be exposed to the cultural excursion when they have an opportunity to taste traditional food, shop signature product, and immerse to the local culture heritages. This program usually takes 1 week to visit one or more countries.

When can the students join Edutrip Program?

Since there are numbers of international class students, the schedule of the Edutip is arranged into several batches every year based on the study program of the students themselves.

Who can apply?

Edutrip program is designed for Telkom University international class students.

To which universities/countries the students visit for Edutrip?

Edutrip is usually designed to visit ASIAN countries, involving visit to partner universities where students can get credit.

How can apply the Winter School Program?

International Office of Telkom University will arrange the schedule of Edutrip and will publish to international students through International Class Academic Office (ICAO).

  1. The student reads detailed information of the program.
  2. The student fills out the online application form for joining the program (that will announce later)
  3. The student submits the following documents to the online application:
  4. Scan of valid passport
  5. Red-background photo
  6. Scan of TOFL ITP or EPRT Certificate

Is it free?

To join Edutrip Program, the students still need to prepare amount of money to cover personal expanses.

What are the benefits to join Edutrip Program?

This program will surely bring many benefits for the students, including:

  1. Certificate
  2. International learning experience
  3. Cultural excursion