What Telkom University has a goal to be the world class university. Getting there it’s not only about English lecturing or inviting lecturers from abroad. It’s also not only about making collaboration with universities from various countries. But it includes how to provide hospitality where the international students will feel comfortable like in their own country.

To provide that comfort. Telkom University reach to their international students through International Office. Where International Office will be there to guide the international students from their first steps until their last while they are staying in Telkom University.

International Office in Telkom University isn’t only about recruiting international students. International Office has more responsibilities than that. International Office in Telkom University is guardian. Where the staffs are working hard to provide the best for the students.

International Office will walk with every students through their journeys while they are studying in Telkom University. So, it’s not uncommon if international students will seek International Office staffs during their happy and difficult time. Since international office and international students are one big family.

International Office provides services regarding academic and immigration. But, International Office also responsible to held annually events which is aimed at international students. The events purpose is to build a stronger bond between international students and their bond with Indonesia culture and people.

International doesn’t work alone, international office has a volunteer group called “international student buddy club”. Which is mean a group of local students who works together to help international students who needs their help. Becoming their first friend who teach them how to survive in the country. Becoming their first friend who helps them to face homesickness or stress.

International office held events like cooking day and outbound. Cooking day is a day where the international students will cook their country’s signature dish. Represented it and share it with others. Outbound is annual event every year where the international students will go out altogether and play games.

Every universities have their own way of connecting with their international students. Telkom University choose to involve their international students to connect not only with Telkom University staffs and students. But also connecting with Indonesian culture in fun and excited ways. (Pooja/IO)

International Office Telkom University has several annual program which has purpose to provide comfort and improve the relationship between international students and local students during their stay in Indonesia.

Telkom Bhinneka Race

It’s an annual event which was held in series with welcoming the new international students, celebrating the independence day of Indonesia and the anniversary of Telkom University. The main purpose of TBRace was to gather International Students to get to know each other, get new experience about Indonesian Culture, get to know more about campus life, and play some fun games “ala” Indonesian.

Cooking Day

This event was arranged by International Office in cooperation with International Office Student Buddy Club. Dedicated to our beloved international students who might miss her/his home cooking. One of the purposes of this event is we would like to gather between the international students and Indonesian students. Besides, also we’d like to introduce traditional cuisines from another countries to all participants. I was hoping this event could expand the students knowledge about cuisines.


International Office of Telkom University proudly presents the international students and buddy gathering program. This annual program  has a purpose to refreshing our beloved international students mind and body before starting a new semester.