Indonesia Textile and Craft Program will learn about Indonesian Textile with waiving, Marbling and Silk Panting technique.

Course Outline

Students will learn about:

  1. Waiving Batik
  2. Marbling – Tie Dye
  3. Surface & Structure Design – Silk Painting

Fee: USD 950

Period: July or welcome request date for minimum participants 10 students

The Indonesia Textile and Craft Program presents an enlightening program in learning the Indonesian Textile within several techniques such as Waiving, Marbling and Silk Panting technique. At the first glance, students will be introduced to Indonesian culture and Batik as the world-known traditional Indonesian textile. The learning includes class theory and workshops. The workshops encourage students to expose themselves in their own creation.

Get the firsthand experience in creating your very own masterpiece, the one and only in the world!


Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Arrival & Check-inIntroduction to Indonesian Culture and BatikBatikMarblingTie Dye


Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10
Tie DyeSilk PaintingVisit to Batik CenterBandung City TourDeparture


Batik Class

Textile and Fashion Craft courses are given in the Faculty of Creative Industries, which participants will learn the knowledge, techniques, and skills in the scope of Indonesian Batik. In addition to lectures, the participants were given insights into the craft and textiles produced by the artists in Indonesia so that they can better understand the material that will be given.

Batik Contents

Subject Description
Introduction to Indonesian TextileLearn the history and process of making traditional Indonesian textiles and current development.
Tie DyePracticing manipulation of fabric with tie-dye techniques, which include learning about the history, theory and techniques, until its application on fashion products.
Batik Technique and ApplicationPracticing manipulation batik fabrics include learning about the history, theory and techniques, until its application on fashion products.
Marbling Technique and ApplicationPracticing fabric manipulation techniques with the use of starch and dyes to produce abstract textures on textile surfaces such as canvas.
Motif Design for TextilePracticing mastery of basic ability to design a structured and measurable through manual techniques that applied into simple fashion products.
Silk Painting Technique and ApplicationPracticing manipulation on the surface of the fabric with the technique of painting on silk fabric surface as well as other supporting manipulation techniques.


Weaving technique practiced by operating and utilizing the tools to produce such inkle weaving loom and are able to apply design principles in the design process.
Indonesian Culture and CostumesLearn the culture and norms of everyday society in Indonesia, including how to dress, social, and cultural differences in the face every day.
Batik CenterVisit
Batik Center

Kebaya Design

Studying a variety of designs, both traditional and modern kebaya, the manufacturing technique and materials used and shape it in the form of kebaya design appropriate personal size.
City TourBandung City Tour