Telkom University is the Best Private University in Indonesia (according to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking 2021, red.) which has a vision to become “Research and Entrepreneurial University”. Fast growth of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) combined with the cultural diversity of Indonesia leads Telkom University to focus on ICT based education and research in the field of engineering, business, and creative industry. We consistently and continually develop the educational quality in term of teaching, research, and community service.

telkom university

Telkom University has been home for almost 29.000 students from Indonesia and international students from 28 countries, with more than 52.000 alumni spread all over the world. We offer education program in Engineering, Management, Communication, and Creative Industry. There are 38 study programs under 7 faculties for undergraduate and postgraduate program.

We are continually committed to actively involved in various international program in academic and research along with our colleagues from around the world. These past few years we are focusing on our international programs, such as:

  • Degree Program
  • Joint/Double Degree
  • Student/Staff Exchange
  • Joint Class/Course
  • Joint Research
  • International Community Service
  • Language & Culture Program (Darmasiswa)

We have highly qualified teachers, in total of 950 lecturers. Many of them have doctoral degrees and competency’s certification, combines with industry experience to provide the best quality education for students.

As an “ICT Campus” we provide our students and staff an integrated informatics system for academic, human resource, partnership information system, regulation information system, decision making information system, including our online study Platform “CELOE” which allows teaching and learning activities to be carried out synchronous and asynchronous.

Telkom University also involves in the development of digital society and business ecosystem. It is proved by having a research center covering wide areas of research including:

  • ICT Public Policy
  • Digital Business Ecosystem
  • Advanced Wireless Technology (AdWiTech)
  • Centre for Internet of Things
  • E-Supply Chain Research Centre (eSCRC)

Telkom University Quality System

The quality systems of Indonesian higher education institution are accredited in certain period by Indonesian Government. Telkom University also pursues national and international accreditation for all its study programs. Today, 72% of study programs in Telkom University have been accredited A from National Accreditation Board and 60% of study programs have achieved international accreditation.

Telkom University Facts

  • 789 students
  • 059 alumni
  • 5 research centers and 31 research groups
  • 950 lecturers
  • 55 ha campus area
  • 7 faculties
  • 38 study programs
  • 9 international classes
  • 28 countries (international student’s origin country)