FKB (1)

School of Communication and Business Telkom University began in 1990 with the name of the MBA-Bandung. MBA-Bandung is organizing a Master in Business Administration program first in West Java, predating similar programs which are then organized by the universities in Bandung. At the beginning of its establishment, the MBA-schooled Bandung adopt whole system of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Philipines, which at that time was known as the Harvard Business School Asia. When established, the Professor of AIM teaching and guiding the implementation of the MBA program until 1995. In these conditions, in 1992 the MBA-Bandung managed to get into the best business school 7 SWA magazine, together with IPPM, IPMI, Prasetya Mulya , UI, and ITB.

In 1994, MBA-Bandung turned into a College of Management Bandung (STMB). With high school status, STMB change its MBA program into the program Master of Management (MM). besides, STMB also increasingly diversifying its variants MM program, became the program Regular MM, MM Executive, and MM Coorperative Education. On the occasion of the first accreditations held by the government, MM STMB accredited program A (Excellent) and the title is still retained when re-accreditation in 2002.

To encourage STMB increasingly take part in education, then began to organize programs STMB strata-1 (S-1 / graduate) in 1997. The program of study which opened in STMB at the time was the  S-1 Business Management Telecommunications and Informatics (MBTI) . Public interest in these courses is increasing, along with the absorptive capacity of the industry to the alumni STMB high enough. On the occasion of accreditation by the government in 2002, the S-1 MBTI STMB obtain akredikasi A.

To provide a stronger identity in the telecommunications business management disciplines, in 2004 STMB changed its name to the College of Management of Telkom. This name change was followed by an increase in the capacity of the new admissions program S-1 MBTI, in order to meet market demand. In addition, the graduate program also adds a variant program with the MM program Business Telecommunications (MM Biztel).

Existence STMB stronger Telkom has prompted efforts to transform STMB Telkom Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) in 2008. This transformation is characterized by the increase in courses organized by IM Telkom. New courses held since 2008 is a program of study: S-1 Communications,  S-1 Visual Communication Design, S-1 Accounting, Business Administration S-1, D-3 Marketing. Entire course S1 has conducted accreditation and each program of study predicate B.

During the transformation into Telkom University in 2013, according to the decision of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 270/0 / E / 2013 dated July 17, 2013 on Merger Polytechnic Telkom, Telkom Institute of Technology, and the Institute of Management organized by Telkom Telkom Education Foundation Telkom University in Bandung West Java Province and Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 309 / E / O / 2013 dated August 14, 2013 on the Permit Dissolution High School of Art and Design Indonesia (STISI) Telkom in Bandung West Java province which hosted Education Foundation Mandiri Indonesia in Bandung West Java Province Telkom University organized by the Education Foundation Telkom Bandung West Java Province. With the merger of the four universities in the Telkom University, then turned into a Telkom Institute of Management Faculty of Economics and Business.

In accordance with the decision of the Governing Council Education Foundation Telkom Number: KEP0205 / 00 / DGA-02 / YPT / 2014 concerning the structure of Organizational Structure and Working Procedures Telkom University, March 28, 2014, Faculty of Economics and Business Faculty developed into two, (1) Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB), and (2) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB) consists of two study program, namely:

  • Science Program in Business Administration
  • Communication Studies Program

Being an international faculty in the field of communication and information technology-based businesses


  • Organizing and developing international standard education in the field of communication sciences and business
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge in the field of communication and information technology-based businesses
  • Produce superior copyrighted works in the field of communication sciences and business to the welfare and progress of civilization

The Purpose

  • Gaining the trust of all stakeholders in the field of communication sciences and business
  • To produce graduates who are competent in the field of communication sciences and business, so as to compete on an international scale
  • Creating a culture of research and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of business communication and among academicians
  • Research and innovation to produce works that are useful in improving the quality of life

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