Poster School of Computing

School of Computing, Informatics Engineering has three courses namely S1 Computer Science, S1 and S2 computing Science Informatics. This condition is the initial capital for the development of Telkom University School of Informatics below. School of Informatics has undergone various changes in line with changes at the institutional level. 2014 untill 2018 was the first period since the shelter under the institution Telkom University

In the next four-year plan establishes a vision for the School of Informatics “Informatics Being a world-class faculty who play an active role in the development of science-based computing field of information technology in 2018”. In achieving the vision of the School of Informatics set three Wildly Important Goal (WIG) to be achieved by 2018, as follows

Accreditation of study programs at the Faculty of Informatics with composition A and one accredited International standards ASIIN
Being a research center that supports the computing field of national competitiveness
In the early stages of the target to be achieved is the structuring of organizations and systems with reference to ISO quality standards. Strategies undertaken in the process of revamping the system is simplification and automation systems. Structuring the system is done to improve the quality of organizational processes indicated by the value of a good accreditation from national and international standardization bodies.

In the next stage of the target to be achieved is acculturation research and community service by involving the entire faculty as a holistic system. The research conducted by faculty in the research group / group expertise and lecturers who are conducting further education S3. Building a culture of research needs to be carried out continuously and involve all stakeholders. The results are superior research is expected to improve the quality of teaching, scientific publications and product portfolio for the community and industry. The results of this study are expected seed in accordance with the needs of the people of Indonesia and a solution for increasing the competitiveness of the nation

Being a world-class faculty Informatics active role in the development of the field of computing science, information technology-based in 2018


  • Organizing and developing international standard education
  • Develop and disseminate science and technology in the field of Computing internationally recognized
  • Harnessing science and technology for the welfare and progress of civilization

The Purpose

  • Credentials of all stakeholders
  • Produce graduates who have integrity, competence, and national and international competitiveness
  • Create a culture of research, cross-cultural academic atmosphere, and the spirit of entrepreneurship among  academicians
  • Produce work of research and product innovations that are beneficial in improving the quality of life and  supporting the development of national economy

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