Course Code20402
Course NameTelecommunication Engineering
Department HeadMohamad Ramdhani, ST., MT.
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code40263
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+6222 7564108
Facsimile Number+6222  7565200
Email Address[email protected]
Title givenA.Md.
Brief DescriptionTelecommunication Engineering Diploma Program was established on May 30, 1991 with the SK Number of establishment courses No. 0271/0/1991. While the Telecommunication Engineering Diploma Program operating execution licensing with the according of SK date November 8, 2010 No.4351 / D / T / K-IV / 2010. Telecommunication Engineering Diploma Course obtain accreditation ranked “A” (SK BAN-PT No: 026 / BAN-PT / Ak-XII / above sea-III / X / 2012) commencing on October 18, 2012, valid until October 18, 2017.
VisionBeing an excellent vocational education courses in the 2020 Southeast Asian region in the field of information and communication that is capable of creating graduation with professional skills, producing works that benefit for society, havung integrity and international competitiveness.
  1. Organizing vocational education in the field of information and communication, and producing graduation who are able to develop professionalism in the field of transmission and telecommunications networks.
  2. Developing teacher and academic support who are professionals with international standards and having a capablility in contributing the nation’s development.
  3. Produce works of applied which have orientation to the needs of industry and society.
  4. Developing partnerships with industry, national society, and international community.
Course Competence
  1. Graduation have an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills to handle routine work or contextual in the field of telecommunications engineering, including testing, installation, operation and maintenance.
  2. Graduation have extensive knowledge about contemporary developments in accordance with its competence in the field of telecommunications engineering skills and related aspects.
  3. Graduation are able to perform independently managerial supervision in accordance with the high professional profession ethics.
    The establishment of an appropriate learning environment with working world’s needs
Learning Outcomes
  1. Producing graduation who have high competitiveness
  2. Generating resources that have a nationalist spirit, professional, entrepreneurial and international perspective
  3. Producing creative works that fit with industry’s needs, national and international societies.
  4. The realization of link’s concept and match through collaboration with industry, societies and government

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