Indonesian Batik Course program offers a Wonderful chance to discover how to use software to create Batik designs and apply it to make your own Batik fabric through the traditional process.

Program Outline

Students will learn about:

  1. Indonesian Culture
  2. Introduction to Batik
  3. Batik Fundamentals
  4. Batik Fractal
  5. Cultural Heritage Erudition

Fee: USD 850

Period: July or welcome request date for minimum participants 10 students

Learn how to use Jbatik software to create batik designs and apply it to make your own batik fabric through the traditional process, well known as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritages. Two major subject are taught: Batik Fundamentals and Batik Fractal.

Batik Fundamentals

An introductory course that familiarizes students with the history of Batik and its practices in Indonesia. Students will explore design and production methods needed to create a batik fabric in both traditional and contemporary way. In this course students will learn the history and background of batik in Indonesia and other cultures that influence the practice and design as a theoretical base before they start working on their batik design.

At our Batik Lab, students will learn how to:

  • Trace their batik designs to cotton fabric
  • Use the canting and wax to outline their design
  • Use the stamping technique to further enhance their batik designs
  • Use “colet” or brush technique to give different color in their batik designs
  • Learn the process of dyeing and washing the batik fabric

Batik Fractal

Jbatik is a software created by Piksel Indonesia to aid designers in creating batik designs, traditional or contemporary using fractal formula. Batik and fractal are two different concepts. Batik is in region of art, while fractal concepts discuss iteration and self-similarity. However, batik and fractal joins into a concept in a new kind of batik: Batik Fractal. In Batik Fractal, fractal is used to design and redesign new patterns using Jbatik. The presence of Fractal in Batik provides inspirations to create new pattern designs based on traditional patterns and fractal formulas (Hariadi, Lukman, & Destiarmand, 2013).

At our Computer Lab, students will learn how to :

  • Navigate the Jbatik software and learn the commands as well as its functions
  • Learn the basic layout of a batik fabric
  • Manipulate the traditional designs and apply it to the batik fabric using the fractal formula
  • Prepare batik motifs to trace on fabric for the waxing process.

Course Result

Experience the blend of tradition and technology in the design process to create your own batik fabric and wear the product.

Tentative Agenda

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Arrival & Check-inIntroduction to Indonesian Culture and BatikBatik FundamentalsBatik FundamentalsBatik Fractal
Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10
Batik FractalVisit to Batik CenterPresentationBandung City TourDeparture

Package Inclusion

Airport pick-up and transferV
Meals (three times/day)V
Program KitV
Transportation during programV
Flight TicketsV