MBA (Master of Business Administration).

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MBA is Master of Business Administration, one of new study programs that is launched and offered by Telkom University, under School of Communication & Business.


Course Name                     : Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Head of Department        :

Address                               : Jl. Telekomunikasi, Terusan Buah Batu

Post Code                           : 40257

City                                      : Bandung

Telephone Number          : +62 813-2112-3400

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Email Address                   : [email protected]

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MBA Brief Description The establishment of the Master of Business Administration (MBA), School of Communication & Business, Telkom University started from the motivation in developing scientific knowledge in the business field which is increasingly open to the industry’s need for excellent human resources in the BANI era (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible) who are able to collaborate in other fields of science adaptively in respond to social, economic, and justice challenges that continue to grow very rapidly. The curriculum development orientation of Master of Business Administration (MBA) refers to global business integration in every business and organizational process as part of creating added value from human intellectuals who will lead the future.
MBA Vision To become a leading study program in producing world-class business leaders and play an active role in the dissemination of research and application of business and information technology-based entrepreneurship by 2027.
MBA Mission 1.     Organizing and developing higher education in a transparent and responsible manner that produces leaders in the field of business and entrepreneurship who are knowledgeable, have integrity and have ethics.

2.     Developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of business and entrepreneurship based on information technology.

3.     Implementing research activities, strengthening and enriching the fields of business science and creative entrepreneurship.

4.     Implementing community service activities in the form of problem solving in the form of consultation, training and guidance to solve real problems in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

MBA Education Orientation 1.     Business Governance (Case Study based)

2.     Strategic Leadership (Case Study based)

3.     Startup Business Strategy (Business Project based)

4.     Global Business Strategy (Case Study based)



The concentration offered in Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a more specific field of Business Administration which students will choose and study more deeply. The concentrations of interest are as follows:

A.      Business Governance
No List of subjects CREDITS RPS
1 Corporate Performance Management 2
2 Quality Management Strategy 2
3 Corporate Social Responsibility 2
4 Governance Risk Compliance 2
5 Business Ethics 2
B.    Strategic Leadership
No List of subjects CREDITS RPS
1 Digital Leadership 2
2 Change Management 2
3 Strategic Business Partnership 2
4 Corporate Culture 2
5 Decision Making Strategy 2
C.      Startup Business Strategy
No List of subjects CREDITS RPS
1 Digital Innovation 2
2 Global Creative Business 2
3 Business Idea and Opportunities 2
4 Investor Pitching Strategic 2
5 Business Corporatization 2
D.     Global Business Strategy
No List of subjects CREDITS RPS
1 Global Expansion Strategy 2
2 Global Risk Management 2
3 Managing Diversity 2
4 Global Operations Management 2
5 Global Business Communication 2


The following is syllabus in Master of Business Administration (MBA):

Semester Courses Credits Index RPS
Theory Practicum


1.    Immersion Program

(Introduction to Business Administration)

0 0
2.    Capita Selecta

(Finance, Human Capital, Digital Marketing, and Business Operations)

I 1.       Corporate Governance Strategic 3 0
2.       Business Global and Corporate Strategic 3 0
3.       Human Capital  Strategy 3 0
4.       Knowledge Management Strategic 3 0
5.       Enterprise Resource Planning 3 0
Total Semester I 15 0
II 1.       Corporate Finance Strategic 3 0
2.       Suplly Chain Management 3 0
3.       Strategic Global Entrepreneurship 3 0
4.      Research Method & Scientific Writing 3 0
Total Semester II 12 0
III 1.       Big Data Management & Analytics 3 0
2.       Specialization courses 1 2 0
3.       Specialization courses 2 2 0
4.       Specialization courses 3 2 0
Total Semester III 9 0
IV Thesis/Project 6 0
Total Semester IV 6 0
Total Credits 42 0

*Students in Master of Business Administration (MBA) are required to take matriculation session before the class start.



There are three types of learning process in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in term of scheduling. Students of Master of Business Administration (MBA) can choose three schedule options:

  1. Regular : Monday-Friday (08.00-16.00 WIB)
  2. Executive : Friday (16.30 – 20.30 WIB)

Saturday (08.00-16.30 WIB)

       3. Fast Track : Monday-Friday (08.00 – 16.00 WIB)



Applicants who are interested in Master of Business Administration (MBA) must meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduates of S1 Business Administration and non-Business Administration having a GPA min. 3.00 (out of 4.00)
  2. 8th semester students of S1 Business Administration Telkom University, or any disciplines both graduates from Telkom University and other universities.
  3. Telkom University alumni passing a maximum of 12 months (direct track).
  4. Having a research topic that will be submitted as thesis plan in the form of a proposal of a maximum of 1000 words.
  5. Having Bappenas Academic Potential Test with a minimum score of 450.
  6. Having English Proficiency Test (TOEFL with a minimum score of 450).



Applicants who are interested in Master of Business Administration (MBA) must prepare the following required documents:

  1. Scan of Bachelor Degree Transcript & Certificate
  2. Research Plan
  3. Motivation Letter
  4. Scan of Passport
  5. English Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS)
  6. Passport Formal Photo (Red-Background)
  7. Statement of Compliance to the Rules

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