Annual Event

Annual Event. Telkom University International Office organize some annual events for international students. Any international students in Indonesia or overseas are welcome to join.

These annual evens are different with any short course or short program, because it usually involved with many students and contain certain vision. Until today, we have at least 2 events every year, they are:

1. International Students Gathering (ISG)

ISG is the event where international students from various countries get together to discuss youth issues that is relevant with current situation. Several issues that have been discussed in ISG are “Youth Diplomacy” and “Asia-Africa Forum”. We collaborated with the ministry of foreign affairs, Museum of Asian-African Conference, and other organization.

Every year, we get great feedback from international students who take part in this activity. Because it turns out they have lots of ideas and thoughts to share, to improve the world to be a better place. ISG is also a place where they can meet and interact with other international students. More than 100 students attend this event every year, mostly participant is international students from local university in West Java, Jakarta, dan Yogyakarta.

Important Dates ISG:

Event Duration1 Day

ISG might be the only gathering event for international students in Indonesia with youth theme. Attending this event not only expands relationship, but also increases knowledge. Check out the video of ISG that we held before via this link: (kasih link Youtube)

2. Indonesia Culture Summer Camp (ICSC)

The Indonesia Culture Summer Camp (ICSC) is a new program initiated by Telkom University in the context of transmitting the Indonesian “virus” to the world community. This event is a place for students and international students who want to learn Indonesian Language and Indonesian culture.

ICSC is a series of activities that last for three days, which consist of:

1.    Introducing Indonesian Language through the Indonesian Language program for Foreign Speakers (BIPA)

2.    Introduction to Indonesian Culture

3.    Cultural Games

4.    Cultural performances

5.    Cooking Day


The participant of ICSC is international students both in Indonesia and abroad. They will learn Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian Culture, perform several Indonesian cultures, and cook signature dish from their home country. Since the event held for 3 days, all participants are provided dormitory by Telkom University.

Important Dates for ICSC:

Event Duration3 Days

General Requirements to participate in Annual Event:

  1. Non-Indonesia Citizen
  2. Age 16-35 years
  3. Register online

Document Required:

  1. Scan of passport
  2. Formal Photo with red background

Stay tune in Telkom University International Office social media account and website for registration.