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Course Code20201
Course NameElectrical Engineering
Department HeadAchmad Rizal, ST, MT
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No.1 Trs. Buahbatu – Dayeuhkolot
Post Code40257
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+62227565933
Facsimile Number+62227565933
Email Address[email protected]
Website[email protected]
Title givenBachelor of Engineering (S.T.)
Brief DescriptionBachelor Program of Electrical Engineering opened the Decree of the Higher Education 108/DT/2007 number dated January 16, 2007 . Originally Electrical Engineering begins with specialization in Electrical Engineering electronics for S1 students STT Telkom Telecommunication Engineering curriculum in accordance with the current 2004. Year 2007 S1 Electrical Engineering program opened with 89 students receiving first class of 2007 . program S1 is under the Electrical Engineer’s Department of Electrical Engineering of STT Telkom with S1 Telecommunication Engineering program , program S1 D3 Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering program . at the time of the change STT Telkom be ITTelkom 2007 , Electrical Engineering Program is in the Faculty of Electrical and Communications . currently when a change to the Telkom University , S1 Electrical Engineering Program is under the Faculty of Electrical Engineering . As a testament to the quality of instruction execution , S1 Electrical Engineering get BAN – PT accreditation in 2011 by Decree No. 025/BAN-PT/Ak-XIV/S1/IX/2011 with honors in Electrical Engineering B. pogram S1 gain ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2012 .
Curriculum Program of Electrical Engineering is designed for a total load of 145 credits for the course duration of 4 years / 8 semesters . For students who can not keep IP semester is less than 3.00 at the end of each semester has been provided through the study planning curriculum Acceleration Scheme 3.5 years / 7 semesters . “
VisionBecoming Electrical Engineering Program featured in the Southeast Asian region in 2020 which resulted in a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics skilled Control Systems.
  1. Organizing a superior education in Southeast Asia to produce graduates who master the science and technology of Electronics and Control, and supported by knowledge of information and communication technology
  2. Carrying out international quality research in the field of Electronics and Control System to actively engage students
  3. Organizing community service with the principles of science and technology to disseminate research results to the general public
Course Competence
  • Having the ability to apply basic knowledge of mathematics and science to the problems of engineering ( engineering )
  • Having the ability to perform design, implementation , and verification of electronic systems and controls as per requirement / specifications
  • Having the ability to identify , analyze , and solve problems in the field of electronics engineering and control of the adheres to scientific principles
  • Having knowledge and skill in the use of hardware and software that is required in the field of Electronics and Control Engineering
  • Having the ability to design and conduct experiments , analyze and interpret the data and use the results to improve processes
  • Having the ability to interact , work together and function effectively in a multidisciplinary team
  • Having the ability to conduct scientific and social communication effectively , both orally and in writing , in a scientific forum , as well as in the profession
  • Ethical and social responsibility as a profession and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Having insight into the general knowledge needed to understand the effects of engineering solutions in a social context or the global context
  • Having the ability to read scientific papers , speaking and writing technical reports and scientific papers report in English
  • Entrepreneurship has the attitude and ability , both individually and in a team of multidisciplinary
Learning Outcomes
  • The graduates master the basic knowledge of mathematics, science and skills so as to discover, understand, analyze, explain, and formulate a means of solving engineering problems in the field of electronics and control by adhering to scientific principles.
  • The graduate is able to apply the knowledge and skills areas of expertise in electronics and control of productive activities and service to the community with an attitude, ethics and responsibilities in accordance with the order of life together;
  • The graduate is able to act and behave ourselves in bringing the work in his field of expertise as well as in Bohemian joint in the community;
  • The graduates are able to follow the latest technological developments in the field of electronics and control engineering, and supporting technologies, especially telecommunications technology, information technology, and computers needed to understand the influence of engineering solutions in a social context or the global context.


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IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
FEH1H3Algorithm and Programming B3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH1I1Algorithm and Programming B Lab. Work1 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
MUH1A4Calculus 1 A4 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
LUH1B2English I2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
DUH1A2ICT Literacy2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH1A2Introduction to Electronics Engineering2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH1E1Physics 1 A Lab. Work1 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FUH1A3Physics 1A3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
MUH1D4Calculus 2A4 creditsDecember 8, 2022
KUH1A3Chemistry3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH1J2Concept of Science and Technology Development A2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
HUH1x2Education of Religion and Ethics2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
LUH2C2English II2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
LUH1A2Indonesian Language2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FUH1D3Physics 2A3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FUH1E1Physics 2A Lab. Work1 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
FEH2H3Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2K3Complex Variables3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2B4Electric Circuits4 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2F3Electromagnetics3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH2A1Electronics Lab. Work 11 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
DUH2A2Entrepreneurship2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
MUH1G3Matrices and Vector Spaces3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
DUH2B2Basic On-the-Job Training2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2L3Continuous-Time Signal Processing3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH213Differential Equations and Applications3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2G4Electronics4 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH2B1Electronics Lab. Work 21 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH2C4Microcomputers4 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
MUH1F3Probability and Statistics A3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
ETH3E3Applied Electronic Circuits3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3C3Basic Control Systems3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2J3Discrete Mathematics B3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH3A3Discrete-Time Signal Processing3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3D1Electronics Lab. Work 31 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2D2Stadium Generale2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3B3System Interface and Integration3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
ETH3J3Digital Control System3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3F3Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3G1Electronics Lab. Work 41 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH2E2Engineering Economics2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH3B2On-the-Job Training2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
HUH1G3Pancasila and Civics3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3H3Power Supply Systems3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH3I3Telecommunications System3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
Elective I3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ExH4A3Mandatory-Elective I3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ExH4B3Mandatory-Elective II3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEHxC3Mandatory-Elective Management3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH4B3Mechatronics and Robotics3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH4A2Scientific and Research Proposal Writing2 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ETH4A3Systematic Design Methods3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
Elective II3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
FEH4B4Final Projects4 CreditsDecember 8, 2022
ExH4C3Mandatory-Elective III3 CreditsDecember 8, 2022