Course Code70201
Course NameCommunication Science
Department HeadSisca Noviaristanti, S.Si., M.T.
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No.1 Trs. Buahbatu – Dayeuhkolot
Post Code40257
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+62-22-7564108
Facsimile Number+62-22-7565200
Email Address[email protected]
Title givenBachelor of Communication Science (S.I.Kom)
Brief DescriptionCommunication Science study program was established on March 28, 2008, with no decision letter No. SK 309/E/O/2013.
Based on the decision of National Accreditation Board of higher education No.  011/BAN-PT/Ak-XV/S1/V/2012, the Communication Science program study is accredited B. Communication Science study program has two concentrations, namely: Broadcasting and Marketing Communication. The graduates are competent in communicating and managing information efficiently and effectively to optimize the superiority of a product and a company through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
VisionBecoming center of science and expertise in the field of Communication Studies that excel at the regional level in 2017.
  1. Managing innovative and qualified education and science in the field of communication science in accordance with Tridharma or three responsibilities of Higher Education
  2. Preparing and empowering students to become professionals with high integrity and have entrepreneurial spirit in the field of Communication Studies Improving and developing the quality of Communication Science Program study in accordance with the needs of communication businesss
Course Competence
  • Master and be skillful in Communication Sciences in accordance with the related profession, both in internal and external environment
  • Has managerial capabilities in the field of business communication.
  • Has the ability to develop business strategies and creative communication in overcoming challenges and obstacles relating to communication business. Produce graduates who are capable and master all aspects related to broadcasting and marketing communications
  • Has the soul and communication business vision by creating competitive business opportunities.

  1. Able to manage marketing communication programs
  2. Has an understanding of consumer behavior and advertising market mapping .
  3. Has the ability to use communication skills to build related variety of public relations
  4. Has the ability to create unique public relations writing .
  5. Has an understanding of the function and role of advertising in society
  6. Has a theoretical framework to explain the works of advertising .
  7. Has the ability to create a media plan .
  8. Has the ability to make strategic advertisement plan.
  9. Has the ability to make advertising design in different channels / media communication
  10. Has the ability to negotiate and build relationships with clients .
  11. Has a professional work attitude in producing advertising that aligns with the values and ethics applicable in the communityB. BROADCASTING COMPETENCE:
  12. The ability to plan for television and film production program
  13. The ability to make productions of television programs and films
  14. The ability to do editing of postproduction .
  15. Ability to perform research on behavior of media audience
  16. The ability to do research on the production of television programs and films
  17. Ability to apply ethics and legal aspects in television and movie broadcasting activities

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