Why Telkom University

Why should you choose Telkom University?
At Telkom University, you will not only gain an internationally recognized degree, but also a lot more during your time with us. Through its academic competences, Telkom University has achieved:

1. The best private University in Indonesia. (by Webometric)
2. Most popular private University. (by Unirank)
3. Highest international publication. (by Scimago)
4. Highest publication. (by Sinta Award 2018)

From the university’s achievements from and various choices of majors you can enroll yourself into, we can assure you that we provide you with one of the best levels of education in the country. We also provide you with the latest technology to support your study, comfortable study areas, places to meet and hang out with friends, cafeterias with a wide variety of traditional foods, one of the biggest libraries in the entire country and easy access to Wifi. The moment you set foot on our campus, you will know that you are in a special place.

Our educational abilities and the comfort around campus are not the only reasons why you should choose Telkom University, it is also the location. Bandung will give you the experience of a lifetime. As one of the most favorite cities in Indonesia, Bandung is full with history. It is also known as ‘Paris van Java’ ever since the colonial era. It is the place for you to make the most amazing memories. The multicultural city will astonish you with its beauty, its colour and its heartwarming people.

The University also provides you with an International Office, which will guide and help you through all of your non-academic related issues, including your legality, passport, VISA, scholarships, and so on. You will be worry free, since the International Office will be there to assist you.

Nevertheless, there is another reason why you have to choose Telkom University, it’s the location. Telkom not only provide you all of the education, facilities and the comfort a student can get. But the city itself, Bandung, will give you the experience of a real world. As one of the most favorite city in Indonesia, Bandung is full with history, and has been called ‘Paris van Java’ since the colonial era. Bandung will provide you with outstanding memories. The multicultural city will astonished you with its beauty, with its color, the people will warm your heart, and the creative youths will make you challenge yourself to be the better version of you.