Telkom University by Rector

telkom university by rector

Greeting everyone!

Telkom University is one of the best modern universities in Indonesia which has a visio to become “Research and Entrepreneurial University”. Fast growth of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) combined with the cultural diversity of Indonesia leads Telkom University to focus on ICT based education and research in the field of engineering, business, and creative industry. We consistently and continually develop the educational quality in term of teaching, research, and social service.

Telkom University has been a home for more than 30.000 local and international students. We offer education program in Engineering, Management, Communication, and Creative Industry. There are 38 study programs under 7 faculties for undergraduate and graduate program.

We always welcome you to Telkom University, to feel a global experience with a touch of local wisdom without forgetting information and communication technology.

We are continually committed to find something new in education and research aspect, especially from our colleagues abroad. That is why these past few years we are focusing in international programs, such as:

  • Degree Program
  • Joint/Double Degree
  • Student/Staff Exchange
  • Joint Class/Course
  • Joint Research
  • International Community Service
  • Language & Culture Program (Darmasiswa)

Telkom University Research Centers

Telkom University also involves in the development of digital society and business ecosystem. It is proved by having a research center covering wide areas of research including:

  • ICT Public Policy
  • Digital Business Ecosystem
  • Advanced Wireless Technology (AdWiTech)
  • Center of Internet of Things
  • E-Supply Chain Research Center (eSCRC)