Course Code55401
Course NameInformatics Engineering
Department HeadRetno Novi Dayawati, S.Si, MT
Department Secretary
AddressJl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code40261
CityKab. Bandung
Telephone Number+62227564108
Facsimile Number+62227562721
Email Address[email protected]
Title givenA.Md.
Brief DescriptionD3 Informatics Engineering Program is currently accredited with A rating by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education’s Decree (BAN-PT) Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 002 / BAN-PT / Ak-X / above sea-III / V / 2010 dated May 14, 2010. D3 Informatics Engineering was established in 1992 and became one of the diploma courses which managed by Telkom High Technology School (STT Telkom). In 2013, the merger of four institutions of education (one of which, IT Telkom) becomes Telkom University (Tel-U) has an impact on Department of Computer Science D3’s management structure. All diploma courses are within a Faculty. For now, the management and coaching Prodi D3 Informatics Engineering Applied Sciences conducted by Applied Science Faculty- Telkom University (FIT – Tel-U). D3 Informatics Engineering Study Program curriculum is designed with a total load of 110 credits for course’s duration within 3 years or 6 semesters, with two specializations, namely:

  1. Advanced Programming
  2. Creative Content Development

Specialisation can be selected when the student enters lecture in level III (for levels I and II, all are SAME)

VisionBeing D3 Studies Program that delivers quality educational programs and produces Associate Expert Techniques who capable of:

  1. Practice science and develop themselves in Information technology’s field.
  2. Creative
  3. Good in societies.
  1. Organizing good qualities of education, research, social’s and industries’ service in the field of information technology.
  2. Develop good quality of environment academic through the increased of scientific activities, information management systems, and human resources.
  3. Empowerment laboratoris as the spearhead of implementing and supporting the lecture.
  4. Implementing and developing a curriculum that is able to accommodate the expected user competence of graduation.
  5. Increasing the cooperation with other institutions in the development of Tridharma.
Course Competence
  1. Having a middle-level programming skills (focus on modularity, concept programming)
  2. Having the ability Comprehensive Developer (especially on the ability to implement the design / design of analysts), who knows / understands / masters the application development cycle from idea stage to deployment in business-marketing.
  3. Able to think in system (system thinking)
  4. Having a basic knowledge of the latest technological developments (mobile, social networks, creative content, web services, cloud computing)
  5. Having a mindset (paradigm) which is reliable in both object-oriented and structured.
  6. Having the knowledge and the ability of the various technologies – methods – framework- based application development both in individual work and collaborative work
  7. Knowing difference kinds of business-model used in the delivery of a wide range of IT solutions (applications – content – information systems – information technology infrastructure)
  8. Having the ability to use mathematical / statistical applied in engineering (choose the method / solution that is appropriate for the existing problems, with reference to the data, performance quality, and quantity that measurable) and technology
  9. Able to integrate / domain collaborate philosophical, social and technical of specific topics offered. namely: IT solutions using the media Mobile
  10. Having Specific Softskill at each level of competence to support hardskill (thus using learning and assessment methods which are “slightly” different from general).
Learning OutcomesProducing Expert Associate of Engineering who have the knowledge and expertise in the field of information technology and telecommunications business who able to follow the development of science and information technology

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