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Study Permit

MYTH      : It is hard for students to obtain a visa.
REALITY: Qualifying for a visa (F, M, or J) to study in the United States is a lot easier than you think. Over 95% of all Indonesian student visa applicants qualify for a visa.

Which student visa is right for you?

  • : student at a traditional academic institution, e.g. high school, community college, English language course or university.
  • M: vocational student.
  • J: educational exchange or government program student.

Apply now

The U.S. Embassy works hard toACCOMMODATE student visa applicants, but you should plan ahead and take time to prepare your student visa application.

Mondays are Student Visa days, with guaranteed appointments for all F, M, and J visa applicants. Students can apply for an F visa up to 120 days before the start of class listed on the I-20. After getting an F visa, the student maytravel to the U.S. up to 30 days before the I-20 start date.

To apply for a student visa, you must: have a valid passport, evidence of acceptance at a school (I-20, I-20M or DS-2019), have evidence of funds to pay for your studies, pay the visa application fee, and follow the online visa procedures.

Every applicant, including students, must apply online for his or her visa.

To schedule your visa appointment click here.

For additional information on I-20s and the SEVIS fee, visit

Parents are welcome to apply for visitor (B) visas to see their children at any time. We issue B and F visas valid for five years, multiple entries. Please see more visa information at Types of NIV Visa Classes.

Welcome to your future in a U.S. school!