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Network Computing

Network Computing course discusses the basic concepts of computer networks. The subject matter of this lecture, among others, include: standards, processes, and history; basic concept of the protocol; Internet addressing protocol; DNS(Domain Name Server), and the routing implementation. After getting these lectures, students are expected to understand, explain and design a computer network system.

Organizational Behavior

This courseis designedtoprovide an understanding ofthe mechanism ofthe formation ofindividual and group behaviorin organizations, as well astheir impact on theorganization/company. The subject matter of this lecture, among others: the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the behavior of individuals and groups within the context of organizational dynamicsso that students can understand and identify individual behavior, group […]

Marketing Management

This course provides an understanding of the principles and processes of marketing, as well as understanding the importance of marketing to the success and survival of the company. The subject matter in this course include: basic concepts and policies in the preparation of the marketing mix, including product strategy, pricing, promotion and distribution channels, as […]

Taxation 1

This courseprovides guidanceongeneral provisions, procedures, andsystemsof taxationinIndonesia, includingthe developmentand changesinvariousaspects oftaxationinIndonesia. The subjectmatterinthis courseinclude: definition, characteristicsandtaxfunctions, principle of taxation, tax provisionshierarchy, systemsandtaxrates, taxdebt, Tax on Land andBuilding (PBB), Income TaxIncome Tax, taxvalueof goodsandservices(VAT), stamp dutyandits applicationin theenterprise, as well asthe rightsandobligations ofthe companyin thetax aspects. After followingthis course, students are expected toknowandunderstand thevotingprocess, andthe principle […]

Indonesian Economics

An understanding of the Indonesian economy is important to the students of Business Administration. That subject covers all aspects of the Indonesian economy which will directly or indirectly hedge against business activities in Indonesia. The subject of the course material of the Indonesian Economy, among others: Indonesian economic system, fiscal policy, and foreign sources of […]

Mandarin language 1

Students who are studyingcannot be separated from the communication. A graduate of Business Administration who will be engaged in the business world has demanded of students in a variety of language skills among Chinese. The subject matter of this course include: Understanding the history development of Mandarin, Learning the ways of distinguishing a variety of […]

Statistics for Business 2

This course is an expansion and deepening understanding of the subject Business Statistics 1. The course is expected to open up students to conduct tests and analyzes statistics based business. The subject of this course is to explain the reasoning soul of modern statistics and its use, understand and summarize the data in the form […]

Introduction to Computer Application

This course provides the knowledge, understanding and application of the introduction of computers, how computers can work, how to work the computer applications and serves as a tool (tools) and provide benefits to a wide range of human interests, particularly in relation to business activities. The method of teaching is being done by giving the […]

Legal Aspects in Business

This course aims to equip students with an understanding of Indonesian laws relating to economic and practical business world, including that on civil law, cooperation and partnership agreements, and other legal aspects relating to business activities. The subject matter of this course is on the definition of civil law, the forms and principles of the […]

Principles of Accounting

This course was given in order to introduce the concepts of accounting and financial reporting purposes, and the stages in the accounting cycle for both service companies, trading companies, and manufacturing companies. The subject matter of this course includes: the concept and the accounting cycle, recording cycle accounting, and reporting. After getting this course, students […]