Holders of Belgium or Schengen passport do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days in Brunei. Diplomatic and Official Passport-holders are required to apply for a visa to enter Brunei Darussalam.

Documentation Required:

  • Passport or other internationally recognised travel document endorsed for travel to Brunei Darussalam
  • Confirmed returned air ticket showing flight to and from Brunei Darussalam
  • Passport must be valid at least six months beyond the date of entry into Brunei Darussalam
  • Introductory or sponsorship letters from associated companies, business representatives, government agencies or other authority

Method of lodgement


  • Processing visa applications would take approximately 2-3 working days from the date of receipt of complete applications.
  • Formal interview may be required
  • Application that may need to be forwarded to Brunei may take longer for verification by immigration authorities in Brunei Darussalam.
  • Applications can either be presented to the Embassy in person or through a visa service company.

Consular Section is open from Monday to Thursday

Time: 09.00 to 12.00 hrs & 2.00 to 4.00 pm. 

All foreign nationals entering Brunei Darussalam must have visas obtainable from any Brunei Darussalam diplomatic missions abroad except the following countries with whom Brunei Darussalam has visa arrangements.

Countries which have Visa arrangements with Brunei Darussalam:-

Country Foreign   Nationals entering Brunei Darussalam
Australia 30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Austria 90 Days
Bahrain 30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Belgium 90 Days
Bulgaria 90 Days
Cambodia 14 Days
Canada 14 Days
China 14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Services Passports only)
14 Days (Visa on Arrival, for tourists handled by Travel Agents while for   “Business Visit” need Sponsors or “Counterpart” in Brunei Darussalam)
Cyprus 90 Days
Czech   Republic 90 Days
Denmark 90 Days
Estonia 90 Days
Finland 90 Days
France 90 Days
Germany 90 Days
Greece 90 Days
Hong   Kong 14 Days
Hungary 90 Days
Iceland 90 Days
Indonesia 14 Days
Iran 30 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Ireland 90 Days
Italy 90 Days
Japan 14 Days
Kuwait 30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Latvia 90 Days
Laos 14 Days
Liechtenstein 14 Days
Lithuania 90 Days
Luxembourg 90 Days
Macau 14   Days
Malaysia 30 Days
Maldives 14 Days
Malta 90 Days
Mongolia 14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Myanmar 14 Days
Netherlands 90 Days
New   Zealand 30 Days
Norway 90 Days
Oman 30 Days
Pakistan   14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Peru 14 Days
Poland 90 Days
Philippines 14 Days
Portugal 90 Days
Qatar 14 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Republic   of Korea 30 Days
Russia 14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Romania 90 Days
Spain 90 Days
Sweden 90 Days
Switzerland 90 Days
Slovenia 90 Days
Singapore 30 Days
Slovakia 90 Days
Saudi Arabia 30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Taiwan 14 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Tajikistan 14 Days   (For Diplomatic, Official and Services Passports only)
Thailand 14 Days
Ukraine 30 Days
United   Kingdom 90 Days
United   States of America 90 Days
United   Arab Emirates 30 Days
Viet Nam 14 Days


If you are planning visit Brunei, you may need to apply for a valid Brunei visa. To enter the country he/she should enter through legal points of entry.