International Exchange

As befits our name, we at Osaka International University make a major effort to develop and strongly support international exchange programs. These efforts include a variety of short-term study programs, long-term exchange programs with partner universities, and our School of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students. The School of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students offers programs for foreign students who come to study Japanese language and various other aspects of contemporary Japan. At the core of OIU’s international exchange activities is our International Exchange Center which aims at the development and promotion of a balanced and effective mix of exchange programs. As regards academic research, our Institute of International Relations supports multi-faceted, cross-disciplinary research regarding international relations.

International Programs

  1. Formal Academic Exchange Programs

    Osaka International University can boast of having many exchange programs with overseas universities. Through these programs students may either attend regular classes or study languages intensively. Students may also acquire valuable training by serving as Japanese language teaching assistants within the Japanese language study programs at several of these universities. On the other hand, from these same universities, Osaka International University hosts foreign students every year in our school of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students. These foreign students not only study Japanese but also various aspects of traditional and contemporary Japan.

  2. Short-term Overseas Study Programs

    Twice a year, during spring and summer, our Short-term Overseas Study Programs enable students to experience several weeks of life overseas. Aside from acquiring practical language training at overseas universities, students also get valuable hands-on experience living in dormitories or with host families in a foreign country. Students can go to Australia, New Zealand, or Asia, where we also offer some programs focused on volunteer work and traditional culture.

  3. International Technical and Research Collaboration

    Our formal collaboration with overseas universities also supports the exchange of researchers and instructors as well as the sharing of technological and scientific documents. In addition, they also provide the framework for various joint research programs. At Osaka International University, we have consistently sought ever since our establishment to promote the expansion of both the quality and the quantity of our links to overseas universities. At present, we have such ties with 34 universities spanning a wide area of the globe.

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