Student exchange program

Immigration Procedures

TB (tuberculosis) Test

Student who is from below country must have TB(tuberculosis) test at local public health center in Korea before alien registration.

Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka

• Required documents for TB Test

  • Passport
  • one photo
  • handling fee (500KRW)

Once students arrive here, they have to register to the Korean immigration office.

• Required documents for alien registration

  • Application form
  • Certificate of Enrollment of KIT (will be prepared by International office)
  • one photo copy (size 3.5X4.5cm, white background, two ears to be shown)
  • handling fee (30,000KRW).

Please submit these documents by

It will take two weeks for immigration office to issue alien registration card.

• Gumi Immigration Office

  • webpage :
  • tel no. 1345 (English is available)

Academic Calendar and information

2015 Spring semester 2015. 3. 2. ~ 2015. 6.19.

Public Holidays

  • May 5th :어린이날(Children’s day)
  • May 25th :석가탄신일(Buddha’s Birthday)
  • June 6th :현충일(Memorial Day)
  • August 15th :광복절(National Liberation Day)

Major courses will be conducted in English and Korean.
KIT provides free Korean language class(3 credits) to foreign exchange students.
(2 hours X 2 times per week) It is an optional class. Date, time and classroom will be informed later.
Students can take courses up to 21 credits maximum.
Detailed English course list will be sent later.

One Stop Service

With this online webpage, students can register class, evaluate class and check grades, etc. (this webpage is Korean only). For details, your Korean buddy friend will help you how to use it.

  • Your ID : male – birthday(yymmdd)-5000000(or 5000001)
    female – birthday(yymmdd)-6000000(or 6000001)
  • default PW : 00000000 (you can change password later)


Housing and estimated living cost

Those who applied for dormitory, please go to Nonghyup bank(농협) to pay for it.

bank account number : 1467-01-001-041

option Payment
7 days meal/week 1,015,720 KRW
5 days meal/week 909,840 KRW
No meal option 449,000 KRW


When you wire the money, please leave your student ID number for sender’s info.

  • In KIT dormitory, we have interfaith prayer room (Musholla) for Muslim.
  • Kitchen is not ready yet.

Insurance and Health Care System

All exchange students have to hold overseas insurance. Student can purchase insurance in one’s home country. If not, we will help student to buy insurance here.
When you have to claim your medical insurance purchased at Korea, please submit all relative documents (medical certificate, invoice, etc) to me.

In KIT campus, we have medical center, every student can use freely. It opens from 9 AM till 6 PM, and it is located inside of student building 1st floor.

Orientation day and International Buddy Program

All international students are recommended to take part in the orientation day. Orientation will be held in the first week of student’s arrival. Detailed schedule will be informed later.
Each foreign exchange students will have chance to be introduced to Korean international buddy students, and will have helps and advices on life here in KIT campus and Korea.


student card

For getting a student card, please visit student service center(학사서비스센터) which is located at student building(학생회관). Don’t forget to bring scanned copy of your photo. And it’s free. With student card, you can get a discount at some tourist’s spot.


all exchange student can use library once you show your student ID card and register.


Dormitory do not supply meal for foreign exchange students if you don’t register dormitory meal option for one semester before arrival. You can use student cafeteria individually. Each meal will cost you around 2,000KRW~3,500KRW.


You can chitchat with your friends at café drinking coffee. Sorry, no beer served. Coffee will cost you around 2,000KRW~3,500KRW.


You can purchase any daily supplies at mart in KIT.

Bank account

Most bank offer a free bank account for international students. For opening an account, you need to show your passport. You’ll also get a bank card with alien registration card too. For paying you need yoursignature. Sometimes small shops do not accept paying via card. So it is necessary to have always some cash in your wallet.
In kit, we have Nonghyup bank for your information. You don’t have to go far to open a bank account.

Voluntary Activity

  • One foreign student and one Korean student make a team
  • Foreign student is to prepare lecture regarding one’s own country’s culture, language and any possible stories of home country to school kids (elementary school, middle schools or high schools located in Gumi and Gyeongbuk).
  • Lecture can be lasting 60 mins to 90 mins. One or two times activities for a month.
  • Each student will get paid some amount of allowance as a reward. (In Gumi area : 30,000KRW/outside of Gumi area : 50,000KRW)
  • Student will receive a certificate of volunteer by the end of semester
  • If you are interested in this activity, it is highly recommended to bring traditional costumes orcultural stuff of your home country. It’s quite competitive to get this voluntary activity opportunity. But don’t forget that chance favors only the prepared mind. If you like to join, please submit attached application form by February 13 2015.

Part Time Job Opportunity

  • KIT offer part time job opportunity for international students
  • Working Place : KIT English Café (located in 1st floor of library)
    • To encourage KIT student to speak English
    • To welcome visitor and to help their English study
    • Cleaning the room
  • Eligibility : fluent English speaker, active and outgoing personality
  • How to apply : work plan (no template, 1 page of A4-sized paper), interview required.
  • Payment : 6,000KRW/hour, 10 to 20 hours of work a week

Contact Information

Coordinator of student exchange program (incoming/outgoing)

  • The International Programs and Language Education Center
  • Kumoh national Institute of Technology
  • Office phone no. +82-54-478-7223
  • Fax no. +82-54-478-7222
  • Mobile 010-9211-2334(for emergency only)
  • [email protected], [email protected]

for more Information click or you may contact us