Introduction to Computer Application

3 Credits

This course provides the knowledge, understanding and application of the introduction of computers, how computers can work, how to work the computer applications and serves as a tool (tools) and provide benefits to a wide range of human interests, particularly in relation to business activities.

The method of teaching is being done by giving the material a computer science and application of the most up to date, improving the way of critical thinking, as well as providing practical skills and the desire to constantly improve their knowledge through reading and the use of online technology / internet.

Upon receipt of this course, students are expected to have the ability in the understanding of the basic concepts and configuration of computer systems and applications, clarify and improve the practical ability of the system and the workings of the computer and its application (the basic application and supporting applications), database systems, and their use, particularly in relation as a means / tool support to facilitate and expedite business activities.

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