Required Documents to Apply Temporary Holiday Visitor’s Visa

  1. Passport (active at least 6 months + old Passport)
  2. Visa Application Form  [download (PDF)]
  3. Photograph 4,5cm X 4,5cm (Color 2 pieces).
  4. Copy of KTP or KITAS.
  5. Copy of Student Card (only if the applicant is still registered as college student) & Student’s Confirmation letter
  6. Flight itinerary issued by travel agency or airline office.
  7. Itinerary with information on places you plan to visit and stay.
  8. Copy of documents certifying the relationship between each applicant, such as family registration card, etc (for group applicants only) –> KK, and Akte
  9. Proof of sufficient funds to defray all the expenses while in Japan:
    • If you, your relative/friend in Indonesia, or organization/institution where you belong to pay for your trip:
    • Copy of bankbook/bank statement for recent 3 months (if you are not paying for your trip, you must submit documents certifying the relationship between you and the one who pays for your trip as well), NPWP + SIUP.
  10. Sponsor Letter (International Office)

Indonesian Electronic Passport (Requirements for free Japan Visa)

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI) must have an electronic passport that contains biometric information that verifies the identity through facial recognition or fingerprint can be done easily;
  1. Passport must first be registered by the owner to the Embassy / Consulate of Japan in Indonesia. Visa-free facility is only granted for a stay for 15 days and can’t be extended.