Student Exchange


Program Overview

A foreign exchange student is a student who studies at Myongji University (MJU) for one semester or one academic year after being nominated by his/her home university in acordance with the terms and conditons specifed in the valid partnership agrement (MOU) signed with MJU. During their study at MJU, international exchange students are:

  • Exempted from paying tuiton to MJU after paying the tuiton fe to their home universites.
  • Provided with a comprehensive orientation which includes details of life in campuses and in MJU.
  • Permited to taking regular clases conducted in Korean or English to obtain credits. – Able to atend credit-bearing Korean Language courses acording to their Korean language proficiency
    without aditonal charge.
  • Able to participate in special cultural events including Korean cultural field trips with smal charge.
  • Suported by MJU’s International Outreach Student Club and mentors in their departments to easily adapt to MJU life and culture and make Korean and international friends.
    After the study at MJU, oficial academic transcripts wil be sent to the home universites for credit transfer

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