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Course material is about the principles used as a basis for decision making for consumers and the enterprise as producers. The subject matter of this course include: an understanding of the theory of economic behavior of consumers and producers, the factors on which to base and the strength of consumer demand and supply producers of […]

English For Business

This course is designed based on the assumption that the international business communications will always require business people to master the ability comprehension and expressions in English verbally and in writing. The subject matter of this course includes: how students understand the reading, identify and understand the words, phrases, or sentences in conversation. Students are […]

Mathematics for Business

Power of reason / logical / mathematical students are trained in an effort to prepare students to be able to follow the course of Statistics and Research Methodology which is an important material in the field of science in Business Administration. The subject matter of this course is the basic concept of Business Mathematics; dub, […]

Statistics for Business 1

This course equips students with the ability to understand inferential statistics and their application in the field of science in Business Administration. Students are also able to use a variety of statistical analysis techniques according to the problem at hand. Highlights include: the theory of probability, distribution theory, hypothesis testing, parametric statistical techniques and non-parametric. […]

Organization Theory

The course discusses the definition of Organization Theory organization, an overview of the organization. Highlights include: the evolution of organizational theory, public organizations versus business organization, organizational effectiveness approach, the amount of organization and effectiveness of the organization, the dimensions of the organizational structure, organizational environment, power control, organizational design, and bureaucracy. The subject is […]

Philosophy of Business

This course learns the basics philosophy of business activities, which is a human social and cultural activity. In this course, business activity is seen as a manifestation of human life force (vital impetus) to sustain life, a good life and improved towards a better life again (to keep alive, to live well, and to live […]

Introduction to Law

This course provides knowledge and comprehension to students of Law Science and the aspects that are related to the prevailing system of positive law in Indonesia. Students understand, why there should be a law in the relationship between society, formed and upholding the rules applicable in the relations between human beings one with another human […]

Introduction to Business Administration

This course aims to describe to the students the understanding of Business Administration, which includes Administration theory and business functions. The materials arepresented in this course include: understanding the process of the implementation of cooperation activities in order to achieve the business objectives of the organization. Highlights include: the notion of Business Administration, Business Administration […]

Introduction to Economics

Through the provision of this course, students are expected to make the process of making business decisions based on analysis of the industry and the overall condition of a country. Students are equipped to have an understanding of the environment in which an organization’s business functions will help students to take right decisions, thus knowledge […]

General English

English courses for General Communication is practical and applicable courses of the material that has been previouslycourse. This course lecture oral and written communication skills in English for everyday functions, such as introducing themselves, describing places and people, giving advice and opinions, shopping, talking about their lifestyle and daily habits, and so on. Materialof lecture […]