General English

January 1, 2017
2 credits


English courses for General Communication is practical and applicable courses of the material that has been previouslycourse.

This course lecture oral and written communication skills in English for everyday functions, such as introducing themselves, describing places and people, giving advice and opinions, shopping, talking about their lifestyle and daily habits, and so on. Materialof lecture is prepared based on the function of language for everyday communication and emphasize fluency, accuracy, and vocabulary needed for the functioning of the student dipelkuliahi language. As the courses are aimed at honing skills, this course emphasizes the practical aspects for the purpose of communication.

After attending these courses, students are expected to use English communicatively, common and acceptable in oral and written communication in the context of daily life. Students are able to select and use vocabulary and expressions appropriate to the context of everyday communication, and can improve the understanding to communicate fluently and accurately.

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