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Information System Management I

This course will equip students with an understanding of aspects relating to technology, management, and the organization of an information system. The subject matter of this course are: introduction of computer-based information systems, application of information systems, strategic information, organizing information systems, systems approach within the framework of the development of information systems, as well […]

Budget Accounting

This course will equip students with an understanding of the classification and costing the company activities. The subject matter of this course are the basics and financial statements in the form of cost accounting, the basic concept of the use and classification of costs, planning and cost control, recording procedures and the calculation of the […]

Sales Force Management

This course equips students with the knowledge of the management of sales force, as well as skills in making a report on the company’s sales activities in marketing the product. The course material provides an overview understanding of the characteristics of the profession salesperson; the role of perception, recruitment, training, motivation and compensation system for […]

Business Quantitative Method

This course will equip students research capabilities through a quantitative approach, particularly with regard to business analysis statistically to the data and information obtained. Highlights of this course is to learn about the business quantitative methods, modeling (developed according to the purpose and usefulness), the design and testing of quantitative methods of business, engineering processing […]

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management courses to learn about the management of inventories and purchases by the company. Highlights of this course is to learn about how companies manage the process of purchasing and inventory effectively and efficiently. The effectiveness and efficiency of the process is carried out with the aim of making the company a competitive […]

Research Methodology

This course will equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon, and the ability of adequate methodological research in the field of phenomena encountered in the business world. This course discusses the definition of research and the basics of methodology, modeling (developed according to the purpose and usefulness), the preparation of the study […]

Business Ethics

This course gives an insight to students about the thoughts and reflections of social morality of life in business activities. Highlights of this course include: the role of ethics in business, understanding the basics of ethical theory, principles of business ethics, ethical concepts in the production function, marketing, finance, personnel, as well as corporate social […]

Company Budgeting

This course provides an understanding and skills to students in terms of the concepts of budgeting as a planning tool at the same time in the company’s organizational oversight. This course discusses ways of companies’ comprehensive budgeting, simple, realistic, and quantitative and qualitative analysis, and learn how to supervise the implementation / realization of the […]

Business Finance

This course is an introduction towards the financial functions of business, include: funding policy, investment policy and dividend policy. The main objective of this course is to provide a framework of thinking, concepts, and tools for analyzing policy and financial decisions based on the basic principles of modern financial theory. The subject materials include: discounted […]

Human Resource

This course provides an understanding of Human Resources (HR) Management function business organization. The main discussions of this subject include: planning, recruitment and selection, placement, compensation, development, and dismissal. With this material, students are expected to analyze the problems of human resources in order to create a climate of good work culture (favorable), the increase […]