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Telecommunication and Information Network

Telecommunication and Information Network Competences regarding to knowledge in telecommunication network is formed by this course, such as by introducing basic concept of various telecommunication and information network technology in core area, distribution, method and access by emphasizing at switch package network. Element, structure/architecture, and telecommunication network protocol, interconnection, and telecommunication service billing system, as […]

Linear Signal and System

Linier Signal and System This course will provides student with further competences in the field of linier signal and system in discreet and continuous time frame. Discussion of continuous timeframe will be done at pre mid-exam and discreet one at post mid-exam. At each period, there will be discussion about variety of linier signal, non […]

Labor and Ergonomic Engineering + Practicum

This course aims to provide understanding regarding to work system design and its components at the level of work stations to improve efficiency and productivity, the importance of thinking systematically in order to achieve the condition of the system to be working better, and the methods to diagnose the problem, fix or design a working […]

Electromagnetics I

Electromagnetics I This course provides students with competences regarding to basic concept of electromagnetic field: coordinate system and complex numeral, and vector analysis (in accordance to calculus II), Maxwell equation in the form of integral and differential, and its example of implementation within several comparative study regarding it the implementation of Maxwell such as uniformed […]

Engineering Drawing and Practicum

Technical drawing is a course to learn about the techniques of drawing using ISO standards, ranging from technical base image (lines, circles), 3-dimensional isometry image, orthogonal projection, image size, tolerance, information processing, the surface roughness of up to a picture assembly (more than two parts). The ability to use this technique tool will simplify the […]

Practicum of Telecommunication Engineering I

Practicum of Telecommunication Engineering I This practicum is expected to help student to be more competent in the field of electrical circuits and digital engineering through practical process at labs provided.

Introduction To Economics

Economics plays a role to provide the basic framework of thinking to students of Engineering, in order to understand fully, and integrated, between real approach (engineering and management) with the economic approach, both micro and macro; Definition and functioning of the economy, the Role of Government regarding to economics, organization of business and finance, production […]

Electrical Circuit

This course equips students to the concept of competency electrical circuit, ohm law, Kirchhoff law and its application both in dc and ac circuits including passive components discuss of r, l, c and active components of voltage and current source. Also discussed the value of magnitudes of electrical circuits and theorems, the concept of resonance […]

Digital Engineering

This course provide competences in the field of electronic circuits in the digital world by introducing digital transistor along circuit formation (logic gates), followed by a number system and arithmetic. Logic gates will be used for the establishment of a series of functions in which at the same time simplifying the application in accordance with […]

Complex Variable

This course provides student with the competence regarding to details of complex numbers and functions as well as its transformation. Section before mid-exam discusses the basic concepts of complex numbers, Cartesian, and polar form, Euler’s identity, complex functions, complex integral, and Laplace transformation. Followed section after mid-exam will mainly discussed about complex series including Laurent’s. […]