Introduction to Business Administration

August 1, 2016
3 credits

This course aims to provide insight to students about Business Administration, which includes the theory of the administrative and business functions. The material presented in this course include: understanding the process of implementation of cooperation activities in order to achieve the business objectives of the organization.

Highlights include: definition of Business Administration, Position Business Administration in science, a pioneer in the Administration, the introduction of business organization, forms of business entities, leadership and decision-making processes, corporate social responsibility, as well as business functions, ie : production management, marketing, finance, human resources, information systems. Students are also equipped to be able to explain about the business environment and the relationship between business and the environment; complexities facing today’s business world; as well as the direction of development of science in Business Administration in a rapidly changing world today.

After following this course, students are expected to have an understanding of the theories and concepts of the latest Business Administration and is able to implement it in the form of the ability to make business decisions with due regard to business linkages with stakeholders as well as the challenges and dynamics that exist in the business environment.

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