Managerial Economics& Business Strategy

4 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION This course is related to theory usage and economic analysis in making managerial decision in which the economic theory and quantitative are used in managerial decision including the price decision, production and profits.  Knowing, using and applying the basic concept of managerial economics as a total business management concept in modern industrial system can support the economic decision effectively and efficiently as a business strategy.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students are expected to be able to :

–          Develop the comprehensive understanding about theory of economy and its application in managerial decision.

–          Developing the ability in using the quantitative methods to analyze managerial decision.

–          Developing concepual instrument for managerial decision making in production field, price, profit maximization, product diversity, demand estimation and market analysis.

COMPETENCIES Students are able to understand about managerial economics and analysis concept of supply and demand qualitatively, concept  in perfectly competitive structure, market structure and dominant company.
SUBJECT Fundamental of Managerial Economics & Quantitative Demand Analysis, competition, Monopolies, Monopsonies,  & Dominant Firm, cartels, logopily, Product Differentiation and Monopolistic Competition, Industry Structure & Performance, Price Discrimination, Advanced Topics in Pricing, Strategy Behavior, Vertical Integration & Vertical Restriction, Advertising & Disclosure, Antitrust Laws & Policy and Regulation and Deregulation

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