Introduction to Industrial Engineering

August 1, 2016
3 credits

Learning Objectives :

Industrial Engineering (IE) is an engineering discipline that deals with the design, improvement and operation of an integral system that consists of people, equipment, materials, information and energy. Industrial Engineering Competence is able to identify, formulate and solve problems by using the integral system basic analytical tools, computational and / or experimental.

Competencies :

1. Students understand the basic features of the design as an engineering discipline.
2. Students understand the meaning, scope and problems of industrial engineering profession
3. Students understand approach in solving the problems of industrial
engineeringand able to recognize and resolve simple problems of industrial engineering
4. Students understand professional ethics

Subject :

Industrial engineering philosophy and the history of its development, the role, prospects and contribution in enhancing the competitiveness in the field of manufacturing and service industries such as telecommunications; introduction of the areas of expertise; approach used in designing the system and improve the system integral to utilize limited resources as effectively as possible; responsibility and professional ethics

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