Interactive Multimedia

4 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION The course is focused on knowledge in multimedia and interactivity, introduce of multimedia components, the importance of multimedia in content development business, planning and production process of multimedia content, distribution process of multimedia content and QoS (Quality of Service).
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After the course, students are expected to understand and analyze interactive multimedia content product.
COMPETENCIES Knowing multimedia and interactivity components, knowing user experience element, understanding interactive multimedia design, understanding planning, costing, designing, producing and delivering of interactive multimedia, implementing Rich Internet Application and User Generated Content and implementing HTML5 in multimedia.
SUBJECT Introduction of multimedia and interactivity, introduction of user experience element, creation of interactive multimedia, comprehension of planning and producing, and delivering multimedia, implementation of Rich Internet Application (RIA), implementation of User Generated Content (UGC), implementation of HTML5, and project in interactive multimetia content product creation.

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