Engineering Mechanics

January 1, 2017
2 credits

This course is a study about the types – the type of material that exists in nature as well as its material structure. Additionally, this course examines the nature – the inherent properties of each – for material regions that covers the electrical properties, temperature, and magnetic properties. This course aims to provide insight into the types of financial reports and their use, providing the ability to prepare a simple financial reports, and provide understanding and skills in identifying costs that occur in the company, counting the cost and cost per unit, as well as measuring the cost efficiency of a company, both manufacturing and services.

Learning Objectives :

This course will discuss the mechanics aspects in various production processes

Competencies :

Students will be able to understand the basic concept of mechanics in product designs or production processes.

Subject :

Basic of mechanics, Mechanical interactions, the role of mechanical analysis in product design and production.


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