Data Network & Protocol


Data Network & Protocol

Supporting Competences: NE.1, NE.2 and NE.3. Able to design, develop, and analyze, as well as anticipate development direction o ftelecommunication technology es pecially in the aspect of latest network and service convergency.

Objectives: Studying the concept of data network and its protocol, by considering lates data network and its obstacles, in order to find relevant solution. This course is studying element, architecture, and protocol of Telecommunication Network, chanracteristics and implementation both in the wired and wireless network in suppoting boradband communication, starts from the development of existing network upto IP-based next generation network. Moreover, also discussed special topics which related to next generation network challenges, including next generation broadband (wire & wireless). In order to give students wider perspective regarding data network and its protocol in more advanced manner, therefore students are given spesific task related to practical problems.

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