Creative Thinking in Business

January 1, 2017
4 credits
DESCRIPTION CREATIVE THINKING IN BUSINESS sharpens students’ creative thinking as an individual and as a group as well as encourages students to implement it in order to develop creative products.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After taking the courses, students are able to produce creative product prototypes in a group.
COMPETENCIES By By studying the subjects, students are able to:-          Describe the basic concepts of creativity

–          Describe various creative thinking techniques

–          Create alternative concepts in creative product either individually or as a group

–          Relate the concepts in creative products with customers’ problems in a group

–          Evaluate concepts in creative products in a group

–          Design creative product prototypes in a group

–          Produce creative product prototypes in a group

SUBJECT Basic Concepts in creativity, Creative thinking techniques, Developing creative product concepts, Developing customer based creative product concepts,  Testing creative product concepts, Creative Product Prototype Design, and Creative product prototype production

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