Strategic Management

3 Credits

This course will train students to think in a systematic and comprehensive look at strategic managerial issues that arise in a company, although it is not necessary for the fresh graduates from S-1 (undergraduate program) to immediately occupy the top position when they are first introduced to work environment.

In this course, some basic things in business strategy and competitive strategy will be taught, which include: external and internal environmental analysis and strategy formulation. There will also be various strategic management concepts, analysis of strategic management cases, the formulation of strategies for the single business enterprise, the strategy formulation for companies with multiple business, as well as the evaluation of the strategic plan that the company is already running.

After following this course, it is expected that there will be alignment between the external and internal environment with the practiced skills and strategies, so that students can practice through the process of business decision-making at strategic level. With this course, students will also be able to understand and master the understanding the concept of strategic management, strategy crafting techniques, dan approaches in strategy implementation.

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