Telecommunciation Service Business

SM441034 :
4 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION In this course, students will learn service business concepts in telecommunication industry through current business models or the model currently used in Indonesia. Syllabus used recently is in accordance with e-TOM, which is used to show process business needed by a service provider company.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, students are able to analyze business models currently used in telecommunication industry (e-TOM).
COMPETENCIES By studying the subjects, students are able to:

–          Understand elements in telecommunication service business,

–          Show the relation between strategy, infrastructure as well as product and telecommunciation business model,

–          Show the relation between operational activities and telecommunication business,

–          Show the relation between the implementation of company strategy and telecommunication business,

–          Analyze business model currently used in telecommunication industry (e-TOM).

SUBJECT Telecommuncation business, plan, strategy, infrastructure, and product, operational activities in telecommunication, management strategy of a company, and study case in e-TOM.

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